May 28, 2010

Who The Keith Urban Skeptics Really Are

Tara from Urban Myths:

what a buttmunch!

I mean he can play whenever and wherever he wants but why put in on the damn web site. The fans weren't invited Keith. We didn't come along to Jordan nor China we weren't invited to Ellis Island either but that's so sweet to put that up on the old web site that you want people to help pay for....

Thank you tara for showing everyone what's at the core of all the hate. Jealousy, a scary sense of entitlement, a frightening sense of ownership of Keith Urban.

You can't hide it. When there's a statement like this or....erniesmom calls Nicole Kidman a "rich bitch", nomorefan whines about where the couple went last week, Mimosa plays Doctor Quack....we see what's really going on underneath the juvenile name calling, the skeptic created rumors, the desperate need to make the lies seem true.

So much for your comment on E!, as hit n run, that the Urbans never do anything exciting. We know how you really feel!


Anonymous said...


You speak the truth SM!

How much does that explain their piss ant statements!

yawn said...

You nailed it SM! I said a long time ago when Keith was "LOVED" by the skeptics - it was never about him - it was about them and only them and what they felt he OWED them. They felt them made him who he was - their CD buying, Fanclub joining, concert attendance made them own ever cell of him. They are so obsessed they could encircle him, rip him limb from limb to get their piece and then stand back and say "what happened to Keith - he left us - how dare he!". Reality was never part of their world then or now.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't she under stand what a "Private Party" is? Is that why she is ranting that the fans weren't invited and so Keith has no right to post the video on the net? What a ridiculous comment. Am not surprised at her zero mentality.

SkewerMistress said...

You can't expect much from someone who decides to quote Beavis and Butthead.

Look it's erniesmom's holiday message, same as every holiday

Oh well-I think I hear that train a Comin.
Happy Memorial Day all......Be safe.

Anonymous said...

I guess that means they're still checking out Keith's website even though they're not fans anymore. They sound dumber every day. How's that story about implants working for ya, haters?

SkewerMistress said...

They check out every site on Keith and Nicole available to them. nomorefan was a Monkeyville member up until a couple of years ago.

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