May 5, 2010

Maclen, Jakra777, & Nomorefan:
We're Stupid Because We Want To Be

maclen: I still lean to the belief that her cameo involves some outrageous stunt involving prostetic fat suits or bald caps which would explain the time spent in Hawaii.

Cameo? It's not a cameo! More filming from yesterday, May 4.

Jakra777 (aka Oh " so" Leery):It seems he was saying on CNN that he was watching the water rise. Well the rains stopped on Mon. So unless NK let him borrow her rocket launcher broom I really dont know how he did that. Seems someone posted something that isnt true. (Wink)

Wink, we know you are lying through your teeth. We also know the readers of the Negative thread who don't post on it must be thinking what a load of shit. The end of rainfall isn't the end of floods. There's a little thing called the Cumberland River. It has to crest, and fall back so that the floodwaters can move out. Until that happens nothing can be done and all you can do is watch...whether you are in the area or on television/internet. The Cumberland didn't crest until Monday night, at 12 feet above flood stage.

In the end this is all the skeptics are really concerned about with Nashville

nomorefan: So if Mr. Nicole Kidman was in Nashville for two days on a Tuesday, with the three-day rule, does that mean he has to head back on a plane to Hawaii on a Wednesday? Or maybe he needed to be on a plane yesterday already because it takes 12 hours to fly over there - if it is a direct flight. Not sure what the contingencies are - does he have to see the white of his wife's skin by the 72nd hour or just some time within the third day?

They have no real friends, family, or contacts in the area, or a conscience.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha They're getting more ridiculous every day. So they think they have the wright to controll Nic and Keith's life like that? I mean, if they'll see each other or not and what they do is their business. These haters are total psychos!

Anonymous said...

Wow, it's sick that they take a tragedy and twist it to find some evil in Nicole and Keith. I heard they already donated money to the Red Cross. I wonder how much help the skeptics are dishing out? Nothing probably.

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