May 6, 2010

Nashville Helping Nashville

It was a wonderful night of music and community that raised over $1,700,000.

Fortunately Flood Relief with Vince Gill and Friends was not only carried by the local Nashville affiliate WSMV but by other Tennessee stations, CNN, Fox News, and The Weather Channel.

Before the telethon even began, $10,000 was already in the bank for the Middle Tennessee Harvest Food Bank, Red Cross, and the Salvation Army. Vince Gill kicked things off by announcing he and wife Amy Grant are donating $100,000 to the cause.

The night was filled with old and new friends of Gill's who came by to share a story and a song. Naomi Judd added some levity to the night with some amusing stories about some neighbors who were affected and who added that Keith Urban is also her neighbor in Leipers Fork.

Taylor Swift called in and publicly donated $500,000 to flood relief.

Julie Roberts who showed up with a broken foot told about how her and her family were rescued and lucky enough to be there tonight sing with Vince.

Lorrie Morgan, Nashville native, shared her personal story where her sister has lost her house. She performed a Jeannie Sealy tune, "Don't Touch Me", by the Grand Ole Opry fixture who was also personally affected by the flood.

Keb' Mo', a longtime friend of Vince's who just moved to Nashville the week prior to the flood, came by to take donations and help the cause.

Mark Volman, a member of the 60's group The Turtles and Belmont University professor came by to help friends and answer phones.

Stephen Curtis Chapman, a resident of Nashville who has gotten through tough times before with the help of Nashville, came by and sang a tune with Vince, and manned the phones.

Amy Grant made the important point that those that ask others to give should be the first ones in line giving, and that is why she and husband Vince donated such a large amount in such a public fashion.

In between songs, Gill told stories and riffed in his usual style, but talked with Lorrie and Keith about the loss of musical instruments at Soundcheck. Everyone from Keb' Mo' who just moved in to longtime session players to superstars like Keith have lost precious instruments and performance gear. They still haven't been able to find out exactly what was lost. The damage whether it be houses or musical treasures is still unknown, but the spirit of the musical community is alive and well.

Amy Grant performed with husband Vince, singing her new single "Better Than A Hallelujah".

Vince Gill joined his western swing Station Inn buddies in a rousing rendition of Bob Will's "San Antonio Rose".

The show closed with Vince Gill's signature tune "Go Rest High On That Mountain".

We at STS would like to share Keith Urban's performances. Keith told Vince wife Nicole sends her prayers and that what he has potentially lost is nothing in comparison to what so many others have endured.

Keith sang "Everybody", did an interview, and after taking phone calls performed "I'm In", a request from a fan in TN who donated. Vince accompanied along with an accordion player.

Even though the telethon is over you can still help. At the top of the sidebar is all the information you'll need to donate to the Nashville Red Cross.

"I can't save anybody but I can play the guitar for a little bit." ~Vince Gill


SkewerMistress said...

From Anonymous

Anonymous said...

" maclen said...
Well, good for Gill...taking and getting the credit for his tireless work on behalf of the Hall! Orb just not "up" to take the credit, huh? He probably has another appointment to immediately fly back to Maui and finish off that Golf game with the other "off-half"! "Vince Gill and friends" this was the original title of the "All for the Hall" benefit...before orb co-opted the benefit to highlight himself!"

WRONG again, inept team Maclen! You're simply full of sh*t. I'll just assume one of two scenarios:

- You didn't bother to tune in to the telethon, hence did not hear Keith saying Nicole will be flying back to Nashville tomorrow.

or ...

- You heard what Keith said, but as usual chose to twist his words and spew your hatred.

It's disgusting the hatred started before the telethon was even over.

Anonymous said...

Nice Job SM. Thank You.

Anonymous said...

If you didn't think they had an agenda before, it's pretty clear they have one now. You have to be a real sick puppy to spew hate at ANYBODY helping. I doubt Hoosierlady who IS a long time fan and long time member of Urban Myths even has a friend who lost a house. If she did, she'd know anybody helping is a good thing. It's just her overflowing hatred flooding. And believe me, they've got nothing. I've been there.

Verity said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you SM! It's a cesspool at Urban Myths. They can't stop hating. Dumbfounded was on E! last night with a "truce" and a slam against the President. How did she know we were just waiting for one of them to come over. Now they're silent.

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