May 7, 2010

Choice's Whatchasayy and Urban Myths' Maclen: Scum Festering In A Sea Of Hate

whatchasayy: Anyone realized it or occur to you that we have been witnessing her with her baby shots, ALWAYS the baby carried the same way, perched on one side of her hips, FOR YEARS AND YEARS, only her clothing and sceneries change. This fits in with her rigid mentality about anything. Other celebrity babies are captured INTERACTING with their parents, walking, tuned into/curious about their surroundings, independently enjoying themselves. HERS always look lost...and semi-retarded...not tuned into herself at all. BTW, you get like that when you talk at and not with the baby, the baby's brains aren't used to turning, not getting attention to convey who she is, and she already looks slow. Also has there been a picture at all of KU taking ownership of the baby and enjoy her the way other celebrity dads do, like placing kisses, or lift her up to make her giggle, etc. Of course, not having your own baby is no doubt a large part of it in this weird family....

maclen: Yes, I get see, these critters keep coming here to get the skeptics to "pat their heads" and to justify their fawning of the orb! Otherwise, they cannot worship unconditionally...they arent able to "wuv" him thoroughly or totally unless the skeptics (and this cynic here) say to them..."yes the orb is soooo fab...he is beyond even the most handsome ...the bomb of all country pickers...he dominates the world of all that is "homespun!" For they are not content with the wuvin' the other monkeylanders bestow on him at their little pristine, shallow and one dimensional monkeysite. I sense alot of little insecure moppets... looking for "justification"... HERE at Urban Myths! And I for one will not give my "stamp of approval"...I for one have no problem whatsoever NOT commenting at the monkeysite...or the addicts site...for I have my opinion and I'm content with it, no matter what. But these monkeys will never be content in THEIR opinion on the orb...never secure that a possible spread of "unpopular" talk or discontent among former monkeys wont begin to spread to other "insecure" monkeys that results in the orb's eventual demise on the whole scene! Well, dellusional monkeys, look at the orb's cd sales, his demise is upon you! Or otherwise they wouldnt feel the need to be here...and constantly "preaching" that "we just haven't seen the light!" or, "You can be "born again" if you are just willing!" It truly is that monumental a psychological that has been going on in humankind since...well the original blogs...cave paintings and ancient hieroglyphics! Fine, have your opinions...but dont panhandle door to door like annoying jehovah witness' or hare krishna' are that to this...

"So... Keith played a couple of songs & answered phones for donations. Not good enough, though, right?"

No it's not.
You want to ask another question...right?

"Let's see... Brad Paisley, Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill were on Andersoon Cooper tonight. But for PR reasons, right?"

Yes, they were.
And you'll still need another shot at my approval, right? Yes, I've figured that.

So in the continueing "E-o'-L-N-M's"

...Ha! Leave it to swifty to "out PR" the orb+deadweight...

Keith Urban donates to help victims

"Keith Urban and wife Nicole Kidman have made a donation to help victims of the Nashville floods which have killed at least 29 people in Tennessee."

...seems the cat got orb tongue on the FULL exploit of his and dead weight's amount of donation! Here is how its done...

Taylor Swift makes donation for Nashville flood

"Country music superstar Taylor Swift is reportedly making a $500,000 donation in support of those affected by the massive flood in Nashville."

..but then swifty is quite accustomed to knocking orb out of the spotlight! She constantly does it in cd sales...award wins...clearly in fanbase!
But this...

Keith Urban: I may have lost everything old news already! OH NO! I hope the damage to orb's recording equipment doesnt effect the "quality"...or the "commercial viability" of orb's next cd! I'm sure they'll be a song dedicated to the know something thoughtful and profound...perhaps..."An ode to my Soggy Guitar"...or something as unforgettable as this...

"Baby come here next to me, I'll show you how good it can be
I'll breathe each breath you breathe
I can, pour out everthing I am"

...I"ll breathe each breath you breathe? What does that even mean? Is it like, "I"ll chew each bite you chew? Actually the thought of it just made me nauseous...I just imagined kidman's breathe must reek of tobacco tar and the toxic vapor of collagen! Well, this rather rudimentary and vague song chosen by orb to cover is pretty indicative of the orb's rather banal and simplistic...and very juvenile jingles! Yikes, actually just listened to a few secs of orb's next single...orb is especially laying on that "warbling twang" a little thick! Typically trying to overcompensate for the lack of personality or character!

HA! HOORAY FOR HOLLYWOOD!...and bubble lipped, elastic faced prima donnas and slacked jawed jingle spewing fiddlers! May they fizzle out like the wicked witch in the Wizard of OZ...quote kidman.."Ohhh! You cursed brat! Look what you've done! I'm melting! Melting! Oh, what a world! What a world! Who would have thought a good little girl like you could destroy my beautiful wickedness! Ohhh! Look out! Look out! I'm going! Ohhhh – Ohhhhhhhhhh!"

...Well! That's not a very nice thing to say about selena gomez!


Anonymous said...

Did I read that right? Somebody said Sunday Rose looks slow? Jesus, just when you think they can't go any lower. Karma, it'll hit one day.

Anonymous said...

What a piece of Sh** that vile, self absorbed , pot licker is.

What is so funny is who ever it is considers them self so witty and clever. They think they are "special". Ha Ha. Special, OMG!

They are so vile no one would be that conceited if anyone could see them face to face.

Instead they are a speck of spit on a computer screen in the vast world of the faceless internet who are nobody to anyone!

Put on your big boy pants and get the hell out of the basement. There is a world out there that is passing you by.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Whatchasayy and her psycho-babble is a big pile of crap! Let’s decode what she really meant, shall we?

“Anyone realized it or occur to you that we have been witnessing her (Whatchasayy) with her bullsh*t, ALWAYS the b/s spewed the same way, dribbling off from one side of her lips, FOR YEARS AND YEARS, perhaps not even changing her clothing and scenery (yup, staying glued to your PC will do that to you). This fits in with her warped mentality about anything. Other celebrity followers are INTERACTING with their parents and loved ones, working, tuned into/curious about their surroundings, independently enjoying themselves. But not Whatchasayy and her Umyths/Choice/Maclen cohorts! THEIRS always sound lost...and retarded...not tuned into reality at all. BTW, you get like that when you talk at and not with reality; Whatchasayy 's brains aren't used to thinking, not getting attention to convey who she is, and she really sounds demented.“

Anonymous said...

What good could come from these demented comments about sweet children being reposted here?

SkewerMistress said...

Anon, the point is, in the words of a reader, to make the skeptics own their comments. Unlike the E! skeptic threads, statements like these in the "Comment Sections" of hater and skeptic Blogspot blogs are not searchable. They won't show up in a search engine. By reposting them here they can be found and their hate and sickness exposed. It also helps link a haters comments from one site to another, because most if not all post under various usernames. For example Urban Myths' poster abc is the same person as Juststoptheposterbashing at Just Jared.

Just as an fyi, I do put restrictions on this. I never add Keith and Nicole's child's name to the blog or use it in a title linking her to the hate. As I said previously it is merely a way to expose who these self-proclaimed experts really are. Mean nasty vile individuals. While we love the fun and positive topics, the point of STS is really in the title of the blog.

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