May 16, 2010

Nashville Keeps On Playing

GAC's televised benefit for Middle Tennessee Flood Relief was a huge success, raising over $1.5 million dollars!!!

It was another great night of family and community. We saw Linda Davis in the audience, supporting her daughter in Lady Antebellum. Brad Paisley's father took donations over the phone, as did Keith and Nicole. And actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley also pitched in by co-hosting the event with Nashville native James Denton.

Some memorable moments of the evening included seeing citizen's homes, a church, and veterinary hospital after the devastation...Kellie Pickler proudly wearing her I Heart Nashville tee while performing (you can get them HERE)....GAC host Suzanne Alexander and WKRN talent Neil Orne joking about having the hard task of being seated next to Nicole Kidman at the phone lines....Kim and James having to deal with live tv....everyone standing for the continuous stream of outstanding performances....everyone standing for those who helped the flood victims in every way possible.

It was a night not to miss and a night for great music. Tonight we'll get things started by sharing Keith Urban's double performance of The Beatles' "Help", followed by his hit "Better Life". More performances up tomorrow. Enjoy!

Adam Richman: (Deep Breath) Backstage watching Keith Urban, standing next to Sheryl Crow and Nicole Kidman. At this point birthday gifts seem redundant!


Verity said...

Thanks for the truth SM!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so a resident of Nashville whose community has been ravaged by the flooding, with little damage to our home, I am so grateful for not only the funds, but the awareness raised. Keith (and Nicole) should be given props for supporting the event. Every single artist, guest commentator, or host gave 100% to the effort of this live event! God bless 'em!!

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