May 2, 2010

So Stoptheposterbashing Says
He's Not Urban Myths' ABC?

Stoptheposterbashing: try googling S Africa, again, and you’ll find that, despite it being 3rd world, there is more than one computer there, + internet cafes; and uncensored internet and that there are cinemas showing mainstream movies (incl those of Ms Kidman), and that there is a likelihood there is AT LEAST one other person there, with internet access, who does not like Ms Kidman or who finds her strange, whatever. In my travels all over, I’ve met more people that dislike her than like her, esp in Oz ;) - you should know! It may be unreasonable, but that’s just the way it is; it’s just something about her – and bashing detractors doesn’t make them suddenly love her. Or is it just to make the FANatics like you feel better, or valid? So you may want to consider that there may be at least 2 people in the whole of SA, being the size of Aus, who not only travel, but who might follow and comment similarly on various ‘celebs’!!

Should we take his/her word that Stoptheposterbashing from Just Jared isn't also abc who posts on Urban Myths?


Please click on the listing above to see exactly what Stoptheposterbashing has been up to the past two days. They've checked the STS Twitter, checked out the other skeptics in the Fashion Show blog, checked the Just Jared link we've provided, but most importantly, the hater checked out his own Urban Myths username on this blog! BAHAHAHAHA!

One more thing....if you read Urban Myths you know abc has said nearly verbatim the statements he's made at Just Jared. Same vocabulary, same anecdotes, same location.

All that deception for nothing stoptheposterbashing! What a waste but it was

Just. That. Easy.

revealing you are a fraud and a liar, just like all the other skeptics!


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