May 2, 2010

We're Just That Confident!

Skewering The Skeptics believes it's time to take the next step. Previously if you'll recall we banned all comments from the skeptics and haters with a few exceptions. The last was nomorefan masquerading as Anonymous again with her "explanation" that negative Nicole Kidman / Keith Urban stories/sightings from Urban Myths readers were real but incapable of being found via the web because they were on "private" blogs. Private because of the meanie fans. And we say that's a crock because either they are making up stories to each other to make themselves feel better or they aren't letting the world know because the stories are completely fabricated and completely unbelievable.

Because the point of this blog is to showcase and debunk the fabricated and the unbelievable you'll find a new feature in the sidebar. Starting today links will be available for the skeptic and hater blogs, the current E! Online negative threads as well as a much needed archive, and the Just Jared website, in what we call The Skeptic Zone. TSZ accomplishes four goals. One, to provide easy search access for our regular readers. Two, create a catch up guide of sorts about what we are covering here for the casual visitor. Three, to show the haters and skeptics we have nothing to hide. It's total and complete transparency here. Nothing but the truth. And four, to fully and completely link their lies, half-truths, antics, and hate to this blog so that anyone and everyone who so chooses can see for themselves what they've been up to for 5 years.

Readers, you won't get this on any skeptic blog or board. You won't get links to any sites or comments telling the truth. Sites like Urban Myths don't mention this blog EVER and we know the reasons why.

Yes skeptics,

We're. Just. That. Confident.

P.S. Don't miss out on some laughs. Please check out the other new feature under Blogs of Note, entitled "Did You Hear What The Kidmans Did At Breakfast"!


Anonymous said...

Please, tell me what you meant by "Did You Hear What The Kidmans Did At Breakfast"... where can I find it? It must be funny! hahahaha

They want people to know their truth, but the only truth I can see is how sick they are and that they obviously wasted 5 years of their lives, because even if Nic and Keith weren't successful and happy, the haters would still be freaks, anyway!

Anonymous said...

I read a comment that said Nicole's marriage is in danger because she can't cook! hahahahaha That was actually funny! She doesn't have to cook, because Nic and Keith can eat in restaurants for the rest of their lives, if they want! They're rich people!!! Do the haters actually know this fact? Too funny!

As if she needed to cook anyway... she's gorgeous, the best actress and Keith thinks she's a great mother. So who cares if she can cook or not? If I were her, I'd never cook in my life, either!

SkewerMistress said...

Anon, it's in the sidebar, at the bottom of the Blogs of Note section, just above the Search box. It says For A Laugh and there's a link below.

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