May 1, 2010

Let's Create A Conspiracy Theory Readers -
Stoptheposterbashing Thinks It's Fun

stoptheposterbashing says:

Hello again SepticSewer. Oh. Sorry. SkepticSkewer. (In two parts)

This is what I love about the internet. You get some links and whole new vistas open up for you. Whilst I have no time for the real gutter sites like E!, Lainey, Ted etc, thanks for pointing out some others (Topix, Urban Myths, Nicole’s Magic, Gossip Cop etc) that I have just scanned thru to try and get more of an understanding of what you are on about esp the so-called “skeptics” that SO upset you. Firstly, NOTHING is going on at Topix, and Urban Myths seems to be a mix of detractors AND supporters of KUNK, individually + coupled, and I see no PosterBashing; well esp not as aggressively as at your site. Perhaps the details may be open to correction; but that’s what discussion boards are for. For adults, anyway!
BUT I am a little confused trying to figure out why on your site you invite people to a): “Send your complaints about the E! Entertainment Board to the President, Ted Harbert, CEO of Comcast”, coincidentally ‘the largest internet service provider in the US’, ‘content/delivery media conglomerate’ + b): “The E! Entertainment board prohibits abusive, harassing, defamatory, hateful, vulgar and/or libelous posts.” Why is that proviso on your site when you deride (E!); or is it just the “haters” who post there that you object to? (Why also don’t you follow the advice you put on record?) Interestingly, Comcast (a portmanteau of the words communication + broadcast) is partnered with Sony + MGM + United Artists ‘to create an outlet to carry MGM/UA’s material for cable + internet distribution’. Also, Comcast did ‘want to team up with the US Olympic Committee to launch the US Olympic Network after the 2010 Vancouver O games’. What a coicidence that NK (and Omega) were ‘around’ then (linked). Beezneez?? Anyway, back to your reply above: I only said that Meisha lives in Asia and she knows EVERYTHING about NK so she is either a FANatic like you, or employed on some level in the industry and its affiliates, like you, remunerated or not. With the time you spend on your site + trawling the internet, you can’t be holding down a regular job, or running a family or marriage. I do know how TWITTER + the internet works and those who follow do so publically – I have no influence in Twitter + the followers. My point is, how come your ONLY 3 followers are Keith Urban (official twitter), Nicole’s Magic website + UNIFEM!!! We all know that Nicole Kidman is UNIFEM’s spokesperson for “SAY NO TO VIOLENCE”. So, I ask: why are they so interested in a website that advocates violence; albeit emotional or psychological? Sticking metal spikes into people (metaphorically speaking), bullying + bashing people for having an opinion, denigrading, defaming and abusing people across the board with NO proof of who they actually are? Stalking posters around the web and trying to ‘out’ them; twisting their words, selectively quoting them, and, generally-speaking, missing the POINT they are making by getting stuck with the petty detail?? As you do too with me!!! Why would Keith himself + UNIFEM want to be hearing about your suspect and crass activities up to TWICE A DAY, every day? Could it just be that UNIFEM is invested in keeping Nicole’s image squeaky clean and saintly? Film people + her staff need her popular + employed.
We KNOW that Keith Urban is hugely invested in his ‘muse’, NK. His music is now all about her, she is his “inspiration”; so he HAS to protect his ‘Cash Cow’; his product. As does UNIFEM + Nicole’s Magic. Transparency?? I have a screen capture of your Twitter page as I am sure they will quietly disappear as ‘followers’ now that I have pointed all this out. Also, no-one would know if they followed your website (i.e. lurked) if they don’t comment. Don’t call ME the idiot!

Scanning through your own (rather pityful) “battle behind the scenes” “safe haven” site, where “What is posted … is not up for debate”, it seems this is the profile of a “skeptic” or “hater” which seems to be the main label you (and yours) use for ANYONE (who says anything about KUNK that is anything but flattering or promotional), despite you (SM) saying on Feb 17, 2010… “I. DON’T. KNOW. ANY. OF. THESE. WOMEN. PERSONALLY.” :

“Spare Tires and Sagging Boobs, Housewives of Trailer Parks, liars and hypocrites and lunatics … obvious girth and lack of ANY style, they’re way too old, uneducated or just not smart enough to think of anything intelligent to say, below average looking middleaged women from no name average joe towns, bored housewives who get attention by being rude and crude on a gossip board and by making up crap, low self worth … that … makes them feel good about themselves … searching the internet, making voodoo charts and typing crude remarks on boards every day for 5 years, … faceless blobs … These aren’t regular people who lead NORMAL lives. They have no friends. … they wouldn’t be on the internet talking to themseles, pretending they are real personalities, & spreading hate … THEY ARE NOBODIES. NOT REAL PEOPLE … they also look kinda smelly … a sorry bunch of haters. …what a fraud they are. their words are STUPID AND MEANINGLESS. totally obsessed with hating Keith … It’s really sad. full of hate. These women were already sick … They are NUTS! … they have only become more dangerous. … Stalkers … So basically theyre all 40 to 70 year old below average looking women who live in the midwest and work menial jobs, drink a lot and think talking to a bus driver makes you an insider? Keith Urban … left them stuck in the midwest, with no husband and no more fantasy! So now they drink and post nonsense … they continue to make even biger fools of themselves … tats … on their bodies … They make up pretend lives in Nashville, pretend jobs they don’t have, great lives that are a farce. (they can’t) have any kind of “normal” life anywhere in the world. They are crazy and could NOT hold a nice life together … they spend all day on their computer, sign in as different people, have pretend personalities, and ANSWER THEMSELVES. loon(y) … They base their pretend Nashville life on a vacation they took there once. They live sad lonely lives and their fantasy got taken away from they. Yes mostly what it all boils down to.”

I have to agree with your poster; Anonymous, who, on Feb 17, 2010 who said…
“Lately the comments (on StS) are as mean spirited and childish as the crap that is thrown out daily at E.”

And also another who said: “Would you spend 24/7 scanning the internet to find information about people you don’t even know, just so you could twist it around into something hateful? AND KEEP DOING IT FOR OVER 5 YEARS? Would you consider that normal?”

That could be said of you, SepticSewer. Oh. Sorry. SkepticSkewer. Though it seems your site only began on Jan 2009. Who knows who you were before that.

It’s. Just. All. Too. Hypocritical.

Oh, I may now go and introduce you, SkewerMistress, to Urban Myths - give them the link to this page; give them a chance to address your asinine allegations and demonisations! Maybe start a thread at that Topix site to get a little discussion about Poster Abuse in Kunk World activated there too. That should bring more hits and exposure to your site. That should make Nicole and Keith and Ted Harbet and UNIFEM and United Artists and Nicole Magic happy and busy … and further employed!! After all, isn’t it popularity & HITS that everyone is after?? And I don’t mean of the kind that you advocate.

So you see, if you had just stuck to talking about Nicole and Sunday and Assistants going for hike in Hawaii, none of this would have happened or come to light and I would not be telling YOU to: Go. Take. A. Hike.


So...out of all that....taking a screenshot of STS Twitter? Why the need? It's not going away buddy but nice try on the intimidation tactics. We aren't afraid of your little tirades. In fact we are quite impressed which is why we had to share them. You are so invested you must be trying to take Nicole Kidman down. In fact you probably have been hired to do so because no one would post all that for free. Not anyone who is stable anyway. You spent over an hour and a half just on this blog, with over 10 return visits in the past 2 days. So let's see who could it be?

The Church Of Scientology?
Is Urban Myths paying you?
Is it the Australian Outback Mafia?
Is it people who have a thing against redheads?
Is it Lars Von Trier as payback for her not finishing his American trilogy?
Did losers Diane Lane, Julianne Moore, and Renee Zellweger band together to pay you as revenge for Nicole Kidman's 2002 Oscar win?

It's. Just. That. Easy.


stoptheposterbashing Is. Just. That. Stupid.

P.S. STS is following Keith Urban, Nicole's Magic and UNIFEM



Anonymous said...

Well isn't that a SELF IMPORTANT message ?

HAAAAAAAAAAAA! Same losers , new tactic!

You must have turned up the heat in their kitchen a few degrees.

SkewerMistress said...

The UM posters are infiltrating JJ and the rest because NKU isn't open to them anymore. Nicole's Magic isn't open. Where are they going to go? Folks like maclen and abc despise Nicole, they found Urban Myths and set up camp. The KU skeptics eat up every word they say even though they know nothing. They can't ramble on about Keith because they aren't angry ex fans...they are delusional Nicole Kidman haters...for whatever reason.

Anonymous said...

Just another crazie!

Don't they get tired of pretending? Must be their full time job!

yawn said...

SM - bless you for having the time and inclination to post their blabber and stupidity.

So this idiot is upset that you post the stuff the skeptics post; that you post their lies for all to see? Well hell - he/she should be thrilled you are giving them extra attention and notoriety - isn't that their goal - to have the whole world know their lunacy!? Give me a break. Once again you hold the mirror up to their insanity. If they don't like what they see and read they can Stop. Their. Insanity. Posting. It would be that easy. Stupid, stupid Skeptics.

SkewerMistress said...

I have to thank the readers. One of them alerted me to the situation at JJ. He needed to be called out. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if maclen and abc were one in the same. He's blind to the fact that having a vocabulary doesn't make up for a lack of common sense.

The real joke is that he says we post what the skeptics say out of context.

Statements such as "Nicole Kidman is a pedophile", "Keith Urban is an asshat", "I wouldn't mind seeing KU run over by a bus" and "Kidman faked her pregnancy" are exactly what they are....point blank statements. In some cases it's hate speech.

abc/stoptheposterbashing will continue to lie. He's lying about KUNK and about the fans and this blog. He's become one of them...a habitual liar.

THANK_YOU said...

The more they try to explain themselves, and the more they try to justify their own ramblings, the more desperate they become.

Hate is hate, plain & simple, no matter how they try to pretty it up.

“Hatred paralyses life; love releases it. Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it. Hatred darkens life; love illuminates it.”

~Martin Luther King, Jr.

Verity said...

Good job SM putting the wonder boy in his place. What really angers me is he thinks a certain poster lives in China just because of her name and knowledge. How stupid can you get. He's completely misinformed but I had to point it out because it's just another of many flubs the skeptics. Every one of them is a hypocritical, bigoted, assinine liar. You're just putting it back in their face.

What it is is they are really p.o.ed. Like you said Nicole's fansites are off limits, CMT posters will shut them down, on E they have no one to talk to but themselves, they let Oh So Stupid back in when they all know who she is, Keith Urban Myths is a joke, and YOUR BLOG TELLING THE TRUTH IS STILL HERE!


Anonymous said...

Who the heck is this new nut and where are they posting? The skeptics at the E board have been outed so they must have found a new place to spew hate. Hey Whoever You Are: there's nothing out of context here. These are direct quotes from middle aged losers who are mad that Keith Urban got married to somebody they don't like. Sure it's fine to say you don't like a dress or a movie or even comment about hiking in the woods if that's what you do. It's another thing to spend 5 years spreading lies, calling her a pedophile or a child abuser or a drug addict or a hermie. That's a sickness. But something tells me Stoptheposterbashing is one of them because no normal person would know so much about KUNK or care that much to write some big LONG half-wit speech and leave it on a blog. Another day, another username.

And bytheway, Stoptheposterbashing, some of us DO know these women personally. Funny, they weren't always haters. Something happened to them and I call it addiction. The skeptics I know have told me personally that they don't believe 90% of what they write but they do it to piss off the Keith and Nicole fans. They troll the gossip sites because they are addicted to the fight. That's it. And it's sad to me because of the time wasted in their lives.

But then you probably already know about time wasted by following Nicole Kidman on the internet.

SkewerMistress said...

Anon the new nut is just a poster from the Urban Myths blog. He tried to post in the comment section of as "just another reader" but things escalated and he was shown the door.

He's not an ex Urban fan. You can identify them as such because they go on and on about Nicole and quote sparingly what others have said on the same blog about Keith. Smorgas91 is the newest one and perhaps is also abc or Choice or maclen, The Three Stooges of Urban Myths. They are the Kidman haters who don't know anything about Urban. They found UM and post there because their crazy ideas are welcomed.

Thanks for the comments anon, your words gave me an idea for tomorrow. Stay tuned....

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