May 13, 2010

Some Lessons For The E! Online Skeptics and Urban Myths

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Keith Urban pays tribute to Rolling Stones — and Nashville — on 'Fallon'

Keith Urban represented Nashville again on Tuesday night with an all-star band and an inspired performance of The Rolling Stones' “Tumbling Dice” on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Fallon is hosting a Rolling Stones-themed week on the show, and Urban changed the lyrics in the last chorus of the Stones classic to reflect the recent flood in Nashville.

“There’s a rain been coming down in Nashville, Tennessee,” Urban sang, a borrowed guitar slung around his chest. (Urban lost all of his gear in the flood.) “All week in Nashville, baby. All week in Nashville we’ve been watching the Cumberland rise. So send the money, mama.”

Seems like there's a good chance The Stones approved of the timely lyrics, as longtime keyboard player Chuck Leavell sat in with Urban's band. Familiar Nashville faces in the backing group included Karen Fairchild and Kimberly Schlapman of Little Big Town and Sarah Buxton on background vocals, producer Tony Brown on upright piano, and Urban’s usual players Jerry Flowers, Chris McHugh and Brian Nutter.


maclen: Orb was very much a "bland pale white bread" version of a true classic...and beleive two cents...orb aint no "guitar hero"...he's a one dimensional "picker"...jangles like a "jingle" less.

No, the fact that the orb's current cd...the now year old "Defying Sales" sold a paltry 800k compared to the 2mil sold of his previous cd, "Whole crazy thing" is proof his career is over!

Jakra777 / Oh " so" Leery: Yea its funny that Urban was on JF last night singing an RS tune. I guess hes trying out for his opening spot for the Eagles. I dont see it myself maybe Im missing something here. (shaking my head)

erniesmom: Yep---Very selfish if you ask me...I saw him on CNN and whinning about his big loss.Nothing Tommy's money can't replace...

And where is she? Oh How she loves Nashville..........Is she there? He$$ NO.

Safe & sound in hawaii

erniesmom: I watched and did not especially enjoy this song......And I really ddint like the a$$ shaking...He dances just like the wife..
He has the wierdest shape from behind.IMO
Kind of a big Butt and those oh so faggy jeans he wears.Are they dirty? Always look like those stretch cheapos...What happened to all those free Gap jeans?

erniesmom: I thought he butchered it.....awful song selection for his kind of voice. What is the matter with him?

Mimosa: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm EGO,perhaps

E! Skeptics and Urban Myths haters, you look more dense, foolish, and hateful than ever! Thanks for making this blog such a success!


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