May 22, 2010

Two Eagles Keith Urban Dixie Chicks
Concerts Canceled

Two concerts with Keith Urban and The Dixie Chicks have been canceled. Those dates are June 14 (Philadelphia - Citzens Bank Park) and June 15 (Hershey, PA - Hershey Stadium). No word has been given on why the cancellations. Unfortunately the Hershey show was scheduled in place of the Washington DC area show that was previously canceled.

Possible reasons for the cancellations?

Word is the price point for tickets closer to the field are too high. That will be something the headlinging act will need to work out if in fact that's the reason for the cancellations. The core older fanbase of The Eagles may not want to pay a high price for an outdoor show at such a large impersonal venue. With a small number of shows, higher ticket prices may not work for the tour.

Also, bass player and vocalist for the Eagles, Timothy B Schmit, did have surgery recently which came about after missing several shows. We wish him a quick recovery and hope there will be future dates for the three acts in the works.


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