May 21, 2010

Hey Skeptics,
The Urbans Have Already Left!

hit n run: So, is Sunday in China? Are Bella & Connor still considered a part of her family? Just asking.......

Tara: I am sure if there is sightseeing to be done then we will have our snaps but the rest is interesting.

The skeptics are left looking clueless and stupid once again. Where are Keith Urban and wife Nicole Kidman???!!! As reported here they spent a short time, less than 2 days, in Hong Kong and have already left. Pictures have been released of the couple happily departing with smiles on their faces.

There's video and two extra pictures on this site


Much was discussed during Nicole Kidman's press conference including her future UNIFEM work and future ambassadorship for Omega. But let's let the skeptics squirm a little. Admitting they themselves know would be admitting they are members of Nicole's fansites. Meanwhile the haters are pretending she has "nothing to do". So much for that theory! The question now is how long will it take for the idiots to berate the parents for not taking their small child on a whirlwind trip, a decision that would have been much less sensible!


P.S. Just for you Mimosa....

Mimosa: Just how does that help a woman in Darfur?

This trip was to help women in Asia. Darfur is in Africa, a totally different continent. This directly from UNIFEM....

"The proceeds from the fundraiser will strengthen UNIFEM’s work in China, which has a strong focus on ending violence against women. The funds will support shelter and legal protection for survivors of violence and address the challenges faced by HIV-positive women and their intersections with violence against women. They will also advance programmes that focus on the economic empowerment of migrant and domestic workers through training and education and women’s political participation at the local level."


Anonymous said...

Cute picture. Thanks.

The dumb cluck are a day late and a dollar short ONCE AGAIN! LOL

Love when they make fools of themselves.!

Anonymous said...

The dumb clucks have not one clue about life and enjoying it to the fullest!

They can't even keep up with Keith and Nicole ! ha ha

Anonymous said...

They look more stupid every day. You mean taralea's source didn't tell her? Bahahaha!

I guess now that Keith is gay, all the stories from Stephanie/tattler and Amanda plus all the brunette stories must be made up, huh skeptics? How about the sitings of a brunette with Keith in Atlanta, nomorefan/Sue? Or the sitings of girls in and out of buses coming from the skeptics? That didn't work so now he's gay. Bahahaha! They must feel pretty stupid for stalking his hotel. I guess that would make Bstactrs a liar too.

Poor senile old women can't find a lie that works for them.

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