May 8, 2010

Why The Skeptics And Haters
Can't Just Go With It

Well the simple answer is they're hateful goons. But at STS we always go deeper than that to get the real story. It requires paying attention, having at least a basic understanding of the industries involved, and most importantly having both feet grounded in reality. You may not agree with the opinions here, but you'll always get the facts.

So....the skeptics AND haters are all in agreement....they're screwed.

maclen:Yes, you may be may turn out to be a bigger role than originally reported. And I would imagine it is clearly because kidman may have nothing in line after this role!

hoosierlady: To change the subject, are we going to see every frame of the movie Just Go With It before it ever comes out?

Choice: This cameo appearance may all be part of her new agent's "Reinvention of Nicole" strategy. You know, to slowly re-introduce her to the public after a string of flops. If this film fails, Nicole can say that she was only in it for 10 seconds, so cannot be held to blame.

dumbfounded: Why in the HE!! did they choose her for that role?

mikki: Daily Mail has Kidman in yet another of her scenes in the film. Obviously she managed to increase her part from a two minute cameo to a small supporting role. Considering Aniston's string of flops is nearly as long as Kidman's this film won't be worth seeing either.

They jumped on the media bandwagon of "Nicole Kidman in cameo for Sandler flick", not paying attention to the major FACT that even the media said it was speculating. So why go with speculation? Well one, they are skeptics aren't they?! But two they could try and spin a cameo into "proof" that Nicole Kidman's career was dying. By the way Mary, if Urban Myths had proof in 2007, wouldn't you be done desperately trying to prove yourself time and time again? It has been 3 and half years. But we suppose starting out with a fake newswire item trying to pass off your hate as fact was a sign of things to come. We're all for interesting pictures in the sidebar but some substance would be nice to back it up.

Anywho, that leaves us with nothing to do but go back to the beginning, back to where the hint of Nicole's appearance started. That would be a Dan Patrick podcast where his friends Adam Sandler and a few other top comedians were talking sports and movies. Near the close of the show, Adam Sandler mentioned his new film, which at that point was in pre-production, would include Dan Patrick in a scene with Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman. Let's look at that again.....Dan Patrick in a scene with Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman. So because it was leaked that Patrick would have "a scene" (Sandler's exact words), he has after all done 5 cameos so far, somehow the media took that as Nicole Kidman is also in a cameo role. Why not Jennifer? Well stories had already been circulating that she and Sandler would be doing a comedy together. So naturally, Kidman showing up out of nowhere...must be a cameo! Well hold your horses media...and skeptics. Just because there were no whispers of Kidman's involvement earlier, or anyone else's in the part for that matter, doesn't mean you can make assumptions. And from Sandler's description, and the facts we now know (foil to romantic lead with husband included) Kidman's part was already bigger than a cameo in the pre-production shooting script. Oh yeah, Dave Matthews is another Sandler flick regular!

But assumptions are what the skeptics live off of and they always point in the negative direction. Not that a cameo is going in the negative direction. Again another industry fact the skeptics and haters are clueless or in denial of. A well-crafted comedic appearance can be a wonderful thing for an actor to have the chance to do. However, this ain't no cameo. No it's a fully fleshed role, the nemesis of the female romantic lead. Of course the skeptics will spin this every which way they can.....She's not the lead, She's too unattractive to play the part, she's too old, it won't be long before she's doing made-for-tv movies in Australia (yes we've read it all folks). However, as we said before an interesting character that has more quirks and more heightened comedy than Aniston's straight gal (that's comedy not sexuality Mimosa) role is probably a far more interesting thing to see any actor portray. Let's also not forget, even the most respected and revered actors who are of Nicole's generation have done the comedy/romcom. Cold Mountain co-star and 3-time Oscar nominee Philip Seymour Hoffman played second fiddle to Ben Stiller in Along Came Polly, also a Jennifer Aniston film. He's another versatile actor that can go from Along Came Polly, to a Mission: Impossible flick, to a film like Doubt with Meryl Streep. Oh there's another versatile Kidman co-star again. The links we keep making here!

See for yourself. Here's another set of photos from the comedy Just Go With It. We know the skeptics can't just go with it but who needs them! This time the cast is joined by comedian Nick Swardson who has some mightily impressed family members.

Minneapoils-St.Paul Star Tribune

More to be proud of ...

Minnesota's Nick Swardson is shooting a movie with Jennifer Aniston
and Nicole Kidman.

"Yes! I know! Even my Mom and I keep saying, 'Are you sure it's Nicole
Kidman and not Nicole Richie?'" said Rachel Swardson, his sister.
"Adam Sandler and Brooklyn Decker, cover of Sports Illustrated [swim
suit issue]. Super, super hottie. So I'm going to Hawaii to hang out
with Nick on set." The working title of the movie is "Just Got With

We'll let the Urban Myths skeptics buy into cynic maclen's diarrhea-of-the-mouth dissertations. How long will it take hoosierlady to figure out the reason they are seeing all those shots of Nicole on set is because websites are purchasing them? We'll let nomorefan try to lead the pointless discussion on E! You can hear the sound of crickets over there. Wonder what's wrong?


Anonymous said...

Ever notice as soon as somebody posts on the Positive thread, one of the goons posts on the Negative thread to keep it on top?
Mimosa is as insensitive as ever telling jokes about people losing things in the flood. I'd call her scum but that would be insulting scum.

SkewerMistress said...

True. After days of silence, it only took 5 and a half hours from a post on the Positive thread to get one of them to post on the Negative. I think the Marty Late Night Jam PR release that called Keith Urban a superstar did Mimosa's head in. That and the fact that Nashville still respects Keith. Reality just keeps showing the skeptics they are liars at every turn.

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