June 11, 2010

Breaking Nicole Kidman Film Project News!

It has been locally reported that Nicole Kidman will co-star in a film with Nicolas Cage tentatively titled Trespass. More details to be released in the coming days. Filming will take place in Louisiana, currently a hotbed of film and television activity due to its innovative and welcoming tax credit program. One of ABC television's new hyped summer dramas, The Gates, is currently in production in the state.

Hollywood South update: Cage to return, studio takes shape

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) – Things are rolling right along in Hollywood South, with progress on the new Millenium Studios and news of another major movie production coming to town.
Filming on the 3D action flick ‘Drive Angry,' starring Nicolas Cage just wrapped up in Shreveport last month. It's slated for release in February. Now, Millennium's President of Studio Operations Diego Martinez says Cage will return to Northwest Louisiana to shoot another production, called 'Trespass.' Millennium did the post-production work on ‘Drive,' and will do both filming and post-production on Trespass. Nicole Kidman will co-star.

Martinez says the deal was just wrapped up this week, and is expected to release more details next week.

Meanwhile, construction continues on Millennium's new studio and production complex on the edge of downtown Shreveport. It will be the first and largest permanent new home for the movie industry in the ArkLaTex. It will include two sound stages, over 14,000 square feet of office space and house Studio Operations. It will also boast a 20,000 square foot prop house, specialty sets and wardrobe.

After an eleventh-hour scramble to pull together funding for the project before the end of 2009, loans from three lenders finally came together for the studio in time to qualify for state tax breaks and credits. One of the three lenders for the $10 million dollar project is the City of Shreveport. Martinez appeared before the City Council on Tuesday with an update on progress at the site. "The rain has held off a little bit lately and we've been able to get a lot of this concrete done. I think within the next few weeks we will start to see steel go up and the process will move a lot quicker." It's scheduled to be completed in January.

It can't be done soon enough, if the amount of work coming in is any indication. Martinez told the council that even with 36 employees working in their visual effects unit in their temporary offices, there is more work to be done than there is space, work stations and people to do it. "We are debating whether to add another 15. We could go up to 60 here in the next couple months, or whether to go into extreme overtime. We're weighing these options. We're also going to double-shifts that take us into the night, we have so much work."

Millennium's visual effects unit just wrapped up post-production on the Sylvester Stallone movie, ‘The Expendables,' after working on it for a year. It's set for release August 13.

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