June 11, 2010

Your Friday Keith Urban
And Nicole Kidman Tidbits


Keith Urban says his wife Nicole Kidman, now a constant fixture at country music award shows, is a fan of country music—thanks to her hubby. "Yes, she does [like country music]. She has no history of country music, so it’s been great to be the one to get her into it," he said. "Not long after we started dating, I went to the record store, and I bought The Best of Waylon. I put it in [the CD player] with a bunch of other discs and I let that one play first. She said, ‘Oh, who’s this? I like this.’ So that was the start. Now she’s into the Zac Brown Band, she loves Miranda [Lambert] and others."
During the awards show, Keith rocked his first televised live performance with rock guitarist John Mayer, a collaboration on Keith’s "Hit the Ground Running." , swapping guitar licks with John. " I tried to get him out of his shell a little bit, musically speaking," Keith said, to the laughter of everyone in the room.
Urban’s passionate ballad "Til Summer Comes Around" was awarded Male Video of the Year at the CMT Music Awards last night.

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Keith Urban Hops Fence to Meet Surprised Fans

Fans who waited all day in the pouring rain outside Nashville's Bridgestone Arena, hoping to at least get a glimpse of their favorite country star going into the show (never mind to get the chance to say hello or get an autograph!) were given the thrill of a lifetime by Keith Urban before the CMT Music Awards on Wednesday night (June 9).

Keith not only made his way up and down row after row of ecstatic fans, giving them their own personal meet-and-greet, he took it one step -- make that one leap -- further, hopping a fence to make sure he met every fan he possibly could before going into the show, CMT reports.

"They've been waiting out there all day and it was pouring rain earlier," Keith told reporters backstage after the show when asked what makes it so important for him to connect with his fans in such a way. "If you're standing in the front, you're hoping to get a chance to meet everybody," he explained. "So I think you just make time to do it ... or you're putting the cart before the horse."

And Keith's fans certainly put him at the top of their ballot when they awarded him the fan-voted Male Video of the Year for 'Til Summer Comes Around.'

"Everybody who voted at home and around the place, thank you very much," Keith said with a warm and gracious smile when accepting his award.

During the show, Keith set fire to the stage with John Mayer when they put on a blistering, dueling guitar performance of 'Hit the Ground Running,' a single from Keith's album, 'Defying Gravity.' The two guitar gods will be rocking out together again on 'CMT Crossroads,' airing June 18 at 10:00 PM ET.



Have you heard this latest bit of gossip that's absolute nonsense?

Kidman Can't Get Rid Of Tom Cruise

Sorry Urban Myths readers, as usual, it's not true

TAB: Nicole Kidman Has “Freaky Moment” with Tom Cruise

Accidents happen, but the National Enquirer has made mistakes an art form.

The tab claims Nicole Kidman had a “freaky moment” at Joe Allen’s restaurant in New York during drinks with cast and crew from Broadway’s “A View From the Bridge.”

“Someone accidentally bumped her back against a wall plastered with photos of the famous,” tattles the tab, “one of which crashed to the floor.” The damaged portrait was of none other than Kidman’s ex-husband Tom Cruise.

“Oh, my God! I can’t get rid of him!” Kidman supposedly shouted with a laugh.

It would be an amusing item… if it were the least bit true.

The restaurant’s maitre d’ tells Gossip Cop he can’t recall Kidman ever coming to the eatery.

Oh, and Joe Allen’s doesn’t even have a Tom Cruise photo on the wall.

The Enquirer story is “made up,” he confirms.

Gossip Cop isn’t too surprised. We’ve seen one too many of the tab’s tall tales shatter into pieces.

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'Danish Girl' picks up German cash

Nicole Kidman starrer gets $1.5 mil subsidy finance

By Scott Roxborough

June 11, 2010, 09:56 AM ET

BERLIN -- Lasse Hallstrom's upcoming drama "The Danish Girl" starring Nicole Kidman has picked up €1.2 million ($1.5 million) in subsidy financing from Germany's NRW Film Board.

Senator Film Koln, Senator's English-language production shingle, has boarded the project as a co-producer together with U.S. group ELBE and Cologne-based MMC Independent. Hallstrom is planning a 19-day shoot in Germany, for "Danish Girl," one of the conditions of the subsidy cash.

"The Danish Girl" is based on the real-life romance between 1920s Danish painter Einar Wegener and his American artist wife Greta Waud. After his wife asks him to pose for a portrait in women's clothes, Einar becomes obsessed with cross-dressing. Eventually, with the support of his wife, he decides to undergo the first-ever sex-change operation. Kidman will play Einar.

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