June 1, 2010

May Odds And Ends

Want to see more Keith Urban photos from "back in the day"?

An Australian girl shared some photos of her mum and Keith when they were young and in a band. Check out THIS LINK to see them.

We also have one that was sent to us from a reader taken at an Aussie wedding reception. Thanks Anon.


It seems Baz Luhrmann's Australia is doing good business for the real Australia!

Australia film helps keep tourism steady

Baz Luhrmann's Australia may have been a box-office flop, but it was still a big winner for the tourism industry.

Global tourism declined by four per cent last year, but Australia held its own, attracting 5.6 million visitors despite the financial uncertainty plaguing the world.

Tourism Australia chief executive Andrew McEvoy said, if campaigns were an indicator of success, Australia performed better than most countries.

"You'd have to say it had an element of success, it was a good campaign for its time and my view ... is that Tourism Australia were clever to try and capitalise on the publicity around Australia, the movie," Mr McEvoy told a Senate budget estimates hearing.

The campaign piggy-backed on a US$100 million global marketing campaign of the 2008 film, starring Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman.

After much hype the film was largely snubbed by cinema goers in the United States and received poor reviews from many critics.

The US, however, was one of Australia's tourism "stars" as the US market grew 10 per cent last year, with airline V Australia's entry to trans-Pacific services helping price competition.

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There's a new montage of Nicole Kidman's trip to Hong Kong

And no skeptics, Nicole is not pronouncing Omega incorrectly. She is simply using the less common British - Australian pronunciation.

More to come on the Omega trip and proof Keith was there performing! Tough luck skeptics!


Anonymous said...

Even if you have the proof that Keith performed at the Omega/Unifem gala, the skeptics will still believe what they want to believe and will twist and turn the truth.

Anonymous said...

Sure, Keith was in the states spending time with Stephanie and she was giving him new plaid shirts to wear. Bahaha!

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