June 1, 2010

Same Slop Different Keith Urban Skeptics Site

Readers not only is it same slop different day, it's same slop different board!

Blogger rememberwhen (Urban Myths) said...

First of all Keith Urban is no Jon Bon Jovi. Jon cares about people and helps people and when he says something he sticks to it. He has helped millions and millions of people around the world. Next thing Bon Jovi is the best selling band in the world. Keith isn't best selling in anything around the world. I would love to see Keith try and sell out an arena in Japan, China, heck even Australia. If Jon was playing the same night no one, and I mean no one would bother with Keith. Also Jon didn't have to marry into money to be a big shot. He married for love. He and the guys worked hard from the beginning. So Keith is no way anything like Jon Bon Jovi. Heck Bon Jovi's country CD did better than any of Keith's last three combined.

Remember the glorification of Bon Jovi from the skeptics at E! Online? Funny how the same conversation ends up in another skeptic cesspool months later. It's the Bon Jovi is perfect-nomorefan-Oh " so" Leery argument all over again!

You may want to check your facts rememberwhen.

You can still get floor seats for Bon Jovi's show in New Jersey.

2 for 1 ticket offers in the UK for the O2 Arena shows where Michael Jackson was to perform

Expensive VIP Packages through Ticketmaster

Worked with Shanks, Huff and Darrell Brown...who also work with Keith Urban on a regular basis

Currently reissuing old album releases, something that if Keith Urban did would be considered greedy.

Has country radio embraced Bon Jovi beyond "Who Says You Can't Go Home"? No. They wouldn't have had the minimal country success they did without Jennifer Nettles, which was the whole reason behind the Lost Highway album. Those singles went nowhere and none released since have made any impact.

We're guessing you just want to ignore Keith's millions of records sold and top digital downloads on iTunes and other media stores. That's fine.

It's just more proof how small your little club is and how deeply you want to believe your own lies. There's nothing wrong with being a Bon Jovi fan. But how ironic is it you'll go to defend every other artist as if they are saints, with no thoughts of profit or commercial success. The two acts are more similar than you'd ever admit.

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More slop is right. Slip sloppin Away!

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