July 20, 2010

Can You Imagine The E! Online
Skeptics Out In The Real World?

We've talked about this before, but it bears discussion again. The E! Online Skeptics cannot possible function in any productive, meaningful way in the real world. They are caught up in stereotypes.

There's Mimosa who thinks all college-educated people act and think the same way. Somehow we can't see alot of similarities between people like Kris Kristoffersson and Bill Gates, or Trisha Yearwood and Natalie Portman. She's also black-hearted enough to believe no one can ever change for the better, but that's a whole other discussion in itself.

nomorefan thinks a real marriage is all sunshine and roses. If you're meant to be you don't have to put any effort into it. It just happens. Trouble in paradise looming? Make him a meatloaf. A real man grabs his crotch, is always the boss of the house, and rightfully expects home-cooked meals every day. If you're male don't bend your wrist too much...you might be gay. Be constantly talking and using both hands, otherwise people have the right to assume you've had a stroke.

The latest delusional rambling is from erniesmom, the cultural know-it-all who likes to define who you are and what you do by where you're from. But today she moves into the political arena. Her mistake....

erniesmom: She has said she is Australian......Now hes saying the same.
All they want from this country is MONEY!

That's why they choose to live in America. That's why they help the community and the country in times of crisis. But let's not let that stop you from criticizing that they didn't donate enough money to Australia for the bushfire disaster. I hear "flip flop, flip flop".

Do they vote? Jury Duty? hahaha Can you picture her on a jury.....OMG!

She wouldn't be selected to serve. A person of her level of celebrity would never chosen by fear of the attorneys that the celeb would have influence in the deliberation room. Celebrities are called for jury duty like everyone else. How many A-listers can you name that have been picked for a trial?

We at STS would say Nicole votes. She's donated to political candidates before and it's been documented. Keith attended the Vote For Change rally with other musician friends. If he's allowed to vote in certain local US elections there's no reason to think he wouldn't. But isn't this moot because aren't the skeptics supposed to know what Keith and Nicole are up to with all their insider "sources"? The old couple that says nothing and Jimmy Carter can't help with that it seems.

I just made my own day...

She made sure that child was born here......Case closed!

Why would that matter? She's already a citizen, by birth! The skeptics don't care. Each one of you would say she faked the birth in Sydney by paying off locals and calling in favors.

BTW Aren't you forgetting that the skeptics believed the rumor she was having the baby in Australia with her father in the delivery room, until she didn't and you and the tabs were WRONG? One fan could tell you that made no sense as her father is a writer and researcher, not to mention the inappropriateness of the entire idea! Who looks stupid now?

Remember when they were moving to the UK?

They never were. Just another in the hundreds of stories from gossip sites that the skeptics don't believe themselves but treat as "facts" later.

Has anyone heard about the taxes there? IN England she would be paying 50% of everything she earns....

Oh right-shes not working.....So that doesnt apply.

Warped sense of reality. The Negative thread seems to be ignoring what she's doing. From the activity there you'd think Keith was taking a vacation too!


It's. Just. That. Easy.


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