July 20, 2010

True To Form, The E! Online
Skeptics Are Pining Away For Keith Urban

Have you seen anything faster than skeptic and self-professed ex-fan neverland47 aka astilbe aka pier7girl post about Keith Urban's latest radio interview? She was never that fast for Jimmy Wayne!

Minutes after it aired....

neverland47: What is Keiths favorite thing to cover in Barbecue Sauce? According to him, his wife. I am completely grossed out at that visual. I don't think I will ever be able to eat barbecue again. Especially not white chicken! To feed her ego, does he have to give the rest of us stomach flips? Yuck.

Yuck? Stomach flips? Astilbe you're part of the Oh " so" Leery school of bad internet posting?

nomorefan: Puke just came up in the back of my mouth! For some reason though, I don't believe that BS either. I mean BBQ sauce - seriously? I've heard of whipping cream, chocolate sauce - ya know dessert-type items, but never BBQ sauce. Think about it - who would like to lick up a bunch of that alone?

Mr. Nicole Kidman is so full of shite, his eyes are going to start turning brown.

Oh skeptics you know you love it, hanging on to his every word!

In honor of the skeptics' enthusiasm and excitement, we're posting the interview tonight! No need to wait for Cody and a CMT link. Thanks for making it so easy skeptics! Enjoy!


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