July 14, 2010

Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman Upates 07/14/10

Congratulations Keith! "I'm In" has gone #1 in Canada! This is now his 13th #1 single for that country. Since he broke the market there all his singles have hit the top spot except for two, "Tonight I Want To Cry" and "Everybody", which stopped at #2. The country loves him and it's brought home even more by the fact that Canadian radio stations are required by law to play 35% Canadian produced content.

For those keeping track "I'm In" is currently at #8 on the US charts.


Nicole is fostering fashion talent in the Nashville area.

This tweet is from designer Deejay Harding

www.dharding.com - preparing for release of my fall women's collection - sponsored by Nicole Kidman, Moscato Wines, and more. #EXCITED 7:25 AM Jul 13th via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Hopefully we'll get to see pics from any events the clothes will be premiered at!


This cute tweet from a local....and the skeptics say Keith and Nicole don't live in Nashville.

dspencermusicJust passed @keithurban again. It happens almost every day. His black Bentley is really nice :) I wonder if he thinks...Dave's green CRV!!


Keith Urban was scheduled for an interview today (07/14) on Seattle's 100.7 The Wolf. Hopefully there will be audio posted later.


Keith with fellow country artists Joe Diffie and Randy Houser in Ft. Laramie


Keith has always been a fan of Joe Diffie. What a great picture of the three of them hanging out!



Anonymous said...

dspencermusic quote is actually "Just passed Keith Urban again."

Anonymous said...

SM says "and the skeptics say Keith and Nicole don't live in Nashville"


Nicole Kidman just showed up at story time with Sunday.

SkewerMistress said...

Thanks readers. A new blog will be up tomorrow with more tweets, including yours Anon, and more good stuff!

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