July 12, 2010

Urban Myths Skeptics: We Know
We're Lying But Leave Us Alone!

We've had more than a few comments and private messages as of late from readers who say don't these women know they know they're lying? Oh they do. Do they know how stupid they look? Oh they do! They know we know and they are so fixated on hate they don't care. Inept Senior Skeptic Maclen proclaimed that Keith wouldn't be recording another album. Ooops, he's been in the studio and writing with many established artists and songwriters. You know the ones that are embarrassed by him and hate his wife. Successful tour, and that next album on Capitol is coming but Urban Myths posts

"He's been SO busy recording and touring. What a joke."

It's nothing but deceitful and vindictive blogging.

Should we dear Urban Myths go over the skeptic lies that had Capitol dropping him, Capitol demanding he record in Nashville, or that Nicole Kidman is paying for the albums? BAHAHAHAHA!

Some key pieces of a conversation from the past few days between skeptics and two people who have some common sense just rip the Urban Myths blog to shreds. Poor skeptics.

JOY: I personally don't need DNA results or copies of her medical records to be satisfied. They have the right to their privacy ESPECIALLY about pregnancies & any other medical situations that they have. It's a very sensitive area for people no matter who you are. Just my little ole opinion.

mikki: Laura, NK has the choice of keeping her private life private. She choses not to. So she invites the questions and speculation based on her own actions. Sorry we don't take everything they say as the gospel truth as you fans do. And where is your evidence that its all true? To me, believing this whole fairytale is just as ridiculous.

hoosierlady: They have a right to nothing private, as long as they put themselves out there. We pay to be entertained, hence the words "media whores".

Laura: Really? Oh my God, I had no idea you could read her mind!

Jeez, you guys think you know everything.

I'd be open to considering the ideas you people have on this couple, if they weren't so ridiculous! Yes, the marriage is weird to me too, but I still have yet to hear/see any evidence (that's legit and/or MAKES SENSE!!) that they're everything you guys claim they are.

Laura: I never ONCE said that I KNOW this or that is true. If you read what I wrote, I said that I'd HOPE she loves him, and that nothing is wrong with him expressing his love for her. Whether he means it or doesn't, WHO KNOWS? NOT US. Like I said before.


Reread the title of this blog!!!

If you don't like what it's about, LEAVE!! Stop making it about the commenters.

and, for your information, not "EVERY" married couple fights ... maybe in your world ... MANY MANY MANY people get along nicely and agreeably ... but then, you do tend to generalise anyway so your opinion on marriage would no doubt fall out of the same mould.

Okay abc, we reread the title of the blog. URBAN MYTHS. That's exactly what that blog is. Myths, or rumors, or fantasies you all want to wallow in. Whatever you want to call them, at the end of the day the rumors you post as facts....from gossip sites, tabloids, crappy women's magazines or your own computer screen....is all you have. That's why your posts are identical from 5 years ago. A wedding from 4 years ago, a pregnancy from 2 years ago...the talk is all the same. Same stories, same rumors, same skeptic-created lies. WE ALL KNOW IT!

Please tell us exactly the day you thought Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman owed you an explanation for anything they do regarding their personal life.

hoosierlady get some help if you think celebrities owe you access to medical records, private photos, tax documents, contracts, and personal conversations.

The skeptics want all of Keith Urban and they're left with none.

Remind you of anyone? The next time a skeptic says something ridiculous (just wait a minute, it'll happen) say "Here we go again!"

P.S. Some of you skeptics might want to ask abc why she spent so much time at STS looking at the Skeptic Fashion Show Thread! The backstabbing and infighting continues!


Anonymous said...

SM says:P.S. Some of you skeptics might want to ask
why she spent so much time at STS looking at the Skeptic Fashion Show Thread! The backstabbing and infighting continues!

Ha ha SM, maybe she was looking for the longest nose! Or make that comparing hers????

skewering fan said...

SM, personally I don't read Urban Myths because it's plain and simply stupid. The blogs seem to be written by a 10 year old trying to be coy. There's nothing intelligent or thought-worthy there or in any of the hateful responses. This blog drew me in because it took a ridiculous lie and proved it wrong so I'm a little disappointed that you are reprinting the dumb stuff Urban Myth has to say. Who cares? They're a bunch of middle aged women who seriously have no sources and know nothing. They're simply bored housewives and any attention gives them a thrill. Normal, healthy people don't do what they do.

So to be fair, how can you accuse them of spenting so much time here when you are obviously spenting time there? I hope you consider going back to celebrating Nicole, Keith and Sunday because I could give a rats ass what Maclen or a couple of grandma's from the midwest has to say.

SkewerMistress said...

STS has always included what the skeptics are up to. We are fans and would be spending time online devoted to them regardless. It's not an issue unless it's a negative destructive pastime. The people that are most hurt by it are not Keith and Nicole, it's the skeptics themselves - their families, their friends, their jobs, their lives, whatever little they have left of it after 5 years. Most were smart enough to get out while they still had a brain left.

We appreciate your readership but this blog is staying as it is.

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