July 29, 2010

Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman Updates 07/29/10

PHOTO GALLERY from the Mid-State Fair, Paso Robles, CA


Nicole ramping up for her trip to Haiti?

From her Facebook page....

Did you know that more than seven months since Haiti's devastating earthquake in January that the situation there still remains dire-especially for women and girls, who are even more vulnerable to sexual violence due to lack of shelter or adequate protection in camps? Please watch and SHARE this video of Haitian women... testifying on the attacks they have encountered since the earthquake left them homeless. Thanks so much - xNic


And finally, who is obsessed with sex? Why it's puritans hitnrun, nomorefan, and Mimosa of course!

hitnrun: But check out this shot of her!

Mimosa: OMG!!!! Look where she put her hands!!!

nomorefan: That picture really needs to be displayed. This is so inappropriate and again shows why she is the farthest thing from class.

If we would have found the photo earlier we would have posted it, knowing now how popular it is! Who knew falsely accusing a woman of being a pedophile, making up rumors, calling an innocent child names, and calling people gay like it's a disease was the real definition of class! Could you be a bigger bunch of hypocrites and haters?!


coco-loco said...

It looks like her hands are resting on something to me. Thanks for all the Keith Urban updates. I found you on twitter.

skankyoldwhore said...

You mean these fools are still ALIVE?!

I have a feeling a few of them were hitting their heads against the wall after seeing NK in her lovely green dress, looking so lovely. I guess that is the price they pay for their ultimate stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Wonder how it feels to be a dang idiot EVERYDAY? Maybe someday the haters will tell us what its like to be THEM.

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