July 29, 2010

Lainey Is Just As Pathetic As E! Online Skeptic Nomorefan

E! Online Skeptic nomorefan has given us another great gem from fellow simpleton Lainey. Or rather she thinks her readers are simpletons. Maybe they are if they believe this one...

Granny green and red
Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman showed up at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association annual installation luncheon yesterday with red hair in a green dress and the bottom lip freshly inflated. The top lip however is missing its flaps. You know those two bits of flesh that ooze out from either side when she overdoes it with the needle and smiles too hard?

Hopefully by the time TIFF comes around, Gran will have plumped that sh-t properly. It is, after all, the 35th anniversary of the festival. And she’s coming back to promote what a lot of people are calling a very strong entry with Rabbit Hole in which she and Aaron Eckhart play grieving parents. So we could see her return to award season contention. Good. I have always, always loved Nicole as an actor. She’s a great actor. When she can use her face, she is wonderful to watch. It’s just...been such a long time.

Wrong. We're guessing your time as a fan ended when you got stories from jealous and vindictive Keith Urban skeptics. Those sources have been proven false time and time again.

Can't you just hear Lainey? She sounds exactly like nomorefan

See I'm right, I'm right. I posted a story on the heels of all the press Nicole is getting for Rabbit Hole at TIFF and I'm right, right?

She throws in an expletive for sass and false confidence but it doesn't make her any less wrong.


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