July 10, 2010

Where Is Nicole Kidman Dear Skeptics?

Not in the Eagles footage that plays during "Dirty Laundry", that's for sure. In a continuing effort to show the E! Online skeptics are habitual liars here's their version of the truth and the proof they can't help themselves. One posts a fallacy and they all fall in line like dominoes.

innervoice: And how funny is it that when the Eagles sing "Dirty Laundry", tabloid pics of Kidman's plastic surgery face are shown several times on the screen? (Personally, I thought it was hilarious). I chose to see the Eagles twice on this tour, sans Keefus and his Chicks.

musicgossip: Oh yeah...I saw the Eagles on their last tour, and they do a video montage of celebrities and tabloids to Dirty Laundry. It's hysterical

nomorefan: Too Funny! How dare the legendary Eagles make fun of Baby Girl! LMAO!

We suggest watching with the sound muted, the audio quality is pretty poor. It's the full video skeptics!

We saw the lovely Sandra Bullock multiple times in the video. How about you skeptics? Did you see her and think the Eagles must be making fun of Sandra? Mimosa must since she seems to think the actress is partly responsible for her ex's issues.

Mimosa: I love Sandra, but she played a role in their dysfunction as well.

Even more funny sad and pathetic is MADISON, posting this lie, a lie on several different levels, after the family's birthday celebration whereabouts were already known.

MADISON: In a few days we will hear about how Rose had a huge birthday party in Tennessee and all the little kids of the country stars were there. Baldy will sure put out that Connor and Isabella was there. Then watch Tom put out pictures to prove her wrong once again.

Silly, silly, sad and desperate skeptics.

BAHAHAHAHA! It's. Just. That. Easy.

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Anonymous said...

After reading what Mimosa said about Sandra can there be any doubt that her claim to have a therapeutic professional background is BS? I don't even think she sweeps the floors at a psych facility; those people are even smarter than her.

Run Jimmy, run!

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