July 8, 2010

Somethin' Stupid From The
E! Online & Urban Myths Skeptics

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It's been an absolutely disastrous time for the skeptics. The funny thing is it's nothing Nicole Kidman or Keith Urban have done out of the ordinary lately. It's simply that the skeptics, both at E! Online and Urban Myths, are their own worst enemies! Let's take a look at the Somethin' Stupid that's been happening in between the periods of dead silence.

There's the dueling skeptics, Mimosa and Inept Senior Skeptic Maclen. They really need to learn to coordinate their lies better.

Mimosa: The buckeye bakers and middle schoolers must be keeping him afloat.

Oh but wait that's not what Mimosa initially wrote. She edited her post in the middle of the night and changed it from fan club members to middle school trash talk which is the best she can do. Was she worried she might get in trouble with the mod? Well she's in trouble courtesy of STS because Inept Senior Skeptic Maclen is telling the world her truth is the only truth, and it's the polar opposite to Know-It-All Pitbull Mimosa!

Inept Senior Skeptic Maclen: Catering to his monkeybase with lame 30 sec "exclusive" videos and gouging them with jacked up and scalped tickets or the occasional giveaways is gonna keep the flock from a further mass "exodus" from the fansie site.

BAHAHAHA! Skeptics which is it? While the skeptics have turned Nicole Kidman into a medical marvel, able to have plastic surgery and then a reverse procedure every other week, they've also turned Keith Urban into a music industry magician. What artist in any genre is able to keep record sales, concert sales, award nominations, television performance slots, magazine covers, and hit singles coming on the base of just its paid fanclub members. He has no fanclub, he has a fanclub. He has no fanclub, he has a fanclub. The fans are are crazy stupid women who don't know any better, the fans are all 14. Oh you silly skeptics! Mimosa has been trying to post anything to keep the negative thread going but maclen was strangely silent while no one else posted either. She claimed nothing would stop her from shouting her lies but she was silent, until Urban Myths came back with new blogs. Interesting timing maclen..... Just a hint for the future, if we wanted to learn that Nicole Kidman is "so over" we could just read posts from two years ago. If "so over" means plenty of projects and charity work then let us all be "so over"!

More Urban Myths myths....

No video yet for "I'm In". Upset that Keith can get singles into the Top 10 without one? The days have been long gone that every single gets a video and every video is released at the time the song entered the charts. Maybe Tim McGraw should apologize for the declining number of videos he's put out. Oh but you don't even like the Keith Urban videos that are released and you don't watch them so...oh yes you do. You are upset you can't get your fix and then hurry to Urban Myths to post how much it sucks compared to the old days.

The blind vice reveal that said Nicole Kidman was the one who demanded a part be written for her in the Twilight franchise. If you're going to lie at least come up with something better!

Blind Items Revealed

January 26, 2010

This married A list actress knows she is losing her popularity quickly. So, she has informed her managers to get her in the next Twilight movie. When they told her there were no parts for her, she said, "Well have them make up one or I will find new managers. Who wouldn't want me in their movie?"

Nicole Kidman

So if one is to take blind vices seriously, the key is to interpret the words exactly as they are written. This is where the blind vice writer fails. Nicole Kidman never had a manager until recently and that is manager, singular. The blind vice was released a few days after her new manager's hiring was announced and take note again she never had a manager before. She has an agent, Kevin Huvane at CAA, and separate agency representation in Australia. She hasn't dropped Huvane and Huvane hasn't dropped her. Has Kidman dropped some imaginary managers she's been using all this time? We laugh. Skeptics pay attention....1)Posting that Kidman doesn't even know what Twilight is when she's said she saw the first one is hilarious. Good job. 2)She was spotted seeing Eclipse recently. So good job again. And 3)Those blind vices you hold so dear? They are nothing but a ploy by the websites to keep interest in their content so that you continue to visit, scour, and discuss, and therefore make more money for them. It doesn't matter if they are true or not, you keep the cash flowing. What do you get out of the deal? Heck even one of your own, A440, had the guts to post the blind vice was a dud. Your response skeptics? You ignored her.

Back to Keith's fanclub. There's been improvements made but does that satisfy the skeptics? No. One thing is for sure, his success since he began his new life with his wife and now daughter, have really brought out the true colors of the skeptics. Nothing is off limits. Exclusive video content isn't good enough, contests and more chances than ever to meet Keith Urban aren't good enough, planned chats and fan requested singles aren't good enough. What is? Outright ownership of the man and everything but the kitchen sink for $29.95

blue sky: Anyone who pays for this crap needs to step away from the computer and get professional help. Here's a great way to save the fansies' minimum wage income instead of putting it in a multi-millionaire's wallet - go out on youtube and you can watch Keith all day long for free to get your fix!

Here's something else to think about fansies. Instead of giving you a video that lasts a dozen seconds or so, how about concert seats in the first couple of rows?

How much longer will they continue to be suckers for this monopoly?

We like your idea of watching Keith online. The more hits he gets the closer he is to winning another People's Choice Award. But sorry skeptics fan clubs are money making organizations. Can't deal with that, don't join. Or do it "the skeptic way" and once an artist gets too big for you to invade his personal space, move on to someone new. There's always plenty of young attractive male country artists coming up through the ranks. We know some of you tried, hoping Keith would be single again. Take nomorefan, who admitted that she stayed a paid fanclub member until 2007. Those of us who aren't suckers know the ticket sales issue was around long before 2007, and there wasn't half as much bonus content. Why'd she stay? Oh I think we know why. But she's never really gone. She trolls the public message board looking for fans to make fun of and lies to create. Keith Urban doesn't need her money but she sure needs the fanclub message board!

Her pretend buddy Mimosa sure knows a thing or two about lies. Keith's been getting some stellar reviews from professionals (the ones who bother to do their job) and the fans. He gave a performance that was called by nomorefan favorite Storme Warren "the most magical thing I have ever seen on the CMA Fest stage". He was praised by Brooks and Dunn fans when he showed up to replace the duo at CountryFest.

But this is what we get from Mimosa....

Mimosa: So....all is quiet in KUNKYVILLE. Keefus can't even get a mention as a warm-up act anymore. When he used to open for bigger stars in the old days, he got better press than the headliner in many cases. I think he missed a golden opportunity this summer....but maybe he thinks he doesn't need improvement.

A sad pathetic attempt to get the Negative thread to the top of the board. It was after all dead for two days.

Another thing that's dying on the vine is the tired rumor that Nicole Kidman is hated in Nashville, by everyone, especially the music industry folk, and say it with me now....SHE HAS NO FRIENDS.


It's too bad for the skeptics another story has come out regarding a certain group of friends that Nicole has. Earlier this year she was spotted by CMT's Katie Cook with Kimberly Williams Paisley (Brad's wife) and Sheryl Crow. All of them with their kids hanging out for the afternoon at the local zoo. Sorry skeptics but Katie's a credible source no matter what you think of Twitter. And Sheryl Crow gave an interview at the Grammys where she said she was talking to "Nicole and Keith". Yes they are friends. Deal with it!

Redbook Excerpts

Sheryl Crow: "I've got great mommy friends. Here in Nashville, it's Kim Williams-Paisley [the actress and wife of country singer Brad Paisley], Nicole Kidman, and another friend, Tracie Hamilton [Olympic skater Scott Hamilton's wife]. They've been a wonderful resource for me. We get together at each other's homes, make dinner, and have girls' nights in. Or we'll go out for dinner and a drink--though we're mommies, so we don't let it all hang out. We've had good conversations about vaccinations, child-rearing, the "terrible twos"! Luckily, Wyatt's past the "terrible twos" now, which is great."

We also happened to find another piece on Sheryl which gives more insight into her and Nicole's friendship, beyond the mommyhood and an obvious love of music. Sheryl let Elle magazine photograph her NY apartment. You can see the Diane Arbus b&w photographs and antiques, both things Nicole loves. We heard from Brad Paisley before about the things he loves to do in Los Angeles like see independent cinema. Who knows, maybe just maybe, Kim likes some of that too.

So skeptics how does Nicole Kidman, who you say doesn't live in Nashville, have friendships with these women? You can't say they are lying, especially Kim, who is a perfect wife and mother on the Negative thread.

BTW there were rumors that Sheryl was leaving Nashville. Not true. She put her large farm up for sale to move closer to friends and to get a smaller piece of property. Will the skeptics try to spin it that Sheryl secretly wanted to get away from Nicole? Who knows but we wouldn't be surprised if they did. Funny she could end up closer than ever in Leiper's Fork!

We'll close with probably the biggest lie of the week. It's a new one...after all in these hard times the skeptics are going to have to invent a lie or rumor every week to keep the Negative Thread from falling off the face of the earth.

nomorefan: I came home from shopping this weekend, and my husband called me to the living room. He said I have to listen to this great voice. When I entered the living room, he had "Moulin Rouge" on TV, and the "great" voice singing was Baby Girl. After seeing her singing skills with her husband on stage, I am more convinced that someone else was singing for her in that movie. Her voice was so flat, and she is obviously tone-deaf that there is no way that is her singing voice. Heck Pierce Bronson even did his own singing in "Mama Mia", which was bad, but he had the balls to use his own voice.

Is tag-team hating the new thing? Did hubby tell you to post this whopper because nomorefan you are really going to wish you hadn't after we're done.

So to clarify if anyone is still confused, what nomorefan posted is a big fat lie. But here at STS we have proof to back up what we say.

Nomorefan, in the words of Mimosa, you really need to do some research!

Let's just put aside the fact that Nicole's singing voice sounds exactly like her.

Nicole Kidman hasn't just sung in Moulin Rouge!, Happy Feet, and Nine. Oh no. You are forgetting Wills & Burke, a comedy about Australia's version of Lewis and Clark and Practical Magic.

That's 5 movies. She's tone deaf but had that many production companies deal with getting a voice double and keeping it a secret? Who was her singing double, Marni Nixon?

There's a duet she did with Robbie Williams, a remake of "Somethin' Stupid" which was a Top 10 hit in Australia and #1 in the UK, and featured in her film Birthday Girl. We'd love to say sure nomorefan you are right, she faked the whole thing. But then there's the mystery track of outtakes at the end of Robbie's CD Swing While You're Winning. Nicole was recorded talking in the booth in between takes. Do we hear nomorefan scrambling to find the audio online? BAHAHAHAHA!

There's also the not-so-small issue of industry people, people with reputations to be concerned about, who we find it impossible to believe would lie about Nicole Kidman's voice year after year.

Here's Ewan MacGregor with Nicole, a clip shown on Oprah when Nicole was there to promote Moulin Rouge!

And here's Ewan MacGregor again. This time he's appearing on Parkinson, a television program that's an institution in the UK. Nicole also happened to be there but she was promoting The Others. She stayed for the entire show and here's what they had to say

Nicole Kidman's voice coach Andrew Ross might have a thing or two to say to nomorefan about Nicole Kidman faking the whole thing. Because honestly what was he doing wasting his time working in a studio with the woman if she wasn't really singing????

That's right more proof...this from the leading industry magazine for commercial recording!

Mix Magazine


C'est chic! Last fall, Tom Cruise's former better half, Nicole Kidman, sashayed her way into The Village (West Los Angeles) to work with producer Andrew Ross on the second soundtrack for the film Moulin Rouge. Greg Morgenstein engineered the session, and second engineer Matt Marrin kept everyone honest

That's the second soundtrack as in Volume 2, not a second attempt because the first was scrapped.

Wow, how much more can nomorefan take? She's proven wrong about Nicole singing and to top it off industry professionals are willing to work with her time and time again. Nomorefan is probably unaware that Happy Feet was almost a kind of coming home for Nicole. Early on in her career Nicole did two television miniseries for Kennedy Miller, an Australian production company. Those performances in Vietnam and Bangkok Hotel garnered her high praise, especially since she had to carry both movies, and people took notice. George Miller, the surviving half of KM was the director for Happy Feet. He's known Nicole for years and wanted to work with her again. Imagine that skeptics!

Nomorefan this time you really outdid yourself. It's on par with the "Nicole has man legs" mantra!

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How stupid do the skeptics want to look? Pretty damn stupid.

Here's "Somethin' Stupid", the skeptics' favorite music video. Enjoy and remember

It. Just. That. Easy. BAHAHAHAHA!


Verity said...

Thanks SM. Nail on head.

Anonymous said...

Just wait and see. The same nutcases who said Nicole "photoshopped" herself into that photo with the Greeley Tavern owners will put up some nonsense that Sheryl Crow did not say that about Nicole, that Nicole actually "photoshopped" her name into the article or paid someone at Redbook to do it. They're just that predictable.

Anonymous said...

You forgot another skeptic myth being talked about on E. Nicole didn't have the baby, someone else (her sister/his mistress/ex-girlfriend/surrogate) had the baby 2 months/4 months before July 7th, in Australia/California/New Jersey and was brought to Nashville by her mother/sister in July. But skeptic DesperateHousewife/Gret claims she personally knows a nurse who was in the delivery room when Sunday was born in Nashville to Nicole. So which is it? One skeptic can verify the date of the birth, another was "giving birth" in April (bahaha), others were tracking Antonia and meanwhile, Nicole was paying off Ronnie Dunn, her yoga class, Baptist Hospital in Nashville and the cast of NINE who talked about her breast feeding and Keith just so she could fake a pregnancy. Yeah right.

Poor Skeptics. They should have quit while they were ahead. Now they've dug themselves a nice little grave. The more they talk, the stupidier they sound.

Anonymous said...


When you post lies it shows how crazy you really are, and many people know it!

Wouldn't ya think they would know that?

Anonymous said...

I would think they would KNOW anyone with a sane mind can spot their lies and wouldn't expose their craziness to the world every day!!!

Do they really think no one can simply read the many raving reviews on line almost every day ??

Google isn't good to them and their lies.

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