August 12, 2010

Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman Updates 08/12/10


It should be noted that while most other sites have indicated that both Keith and Nicole purchased their new New York City penthouse and that they got a 20% discount off the listing price, the last paragraph of this particular piece is most relevant to STS and its readers!

I have the biggest school girl crush on Keith Urban, and now I'll know where I can stalk probably find him -- he and his wife Nicole Kidman are moving into NYC's prominent Chelsea neighborhood.

The penthouse, which was listed for $10 million, is located at 200 Eleventh Avenue (in case you're in NY and want to stalk see for yourself), and it's huge! Well, huge comparable to most New York apartments.

It has approximately 3,248 square feet, views of the Hudson River, a private elevator, Loggia-style terraces, and New York's first sky garage.

Chelsea is actually one of my favorite neighborhoods in the city. Unfortunately, the uber expensive real estate prices makes it impossible for me to ever hope to live there. Tons of art galleries dot along the west Manhattan neighborhood and they have a killer flea market on Saturdays. The location of Nicole and Keith's new home is about ten blocks away from a super chic and urban shopping center called Chelsea Market. It's filled with high-end retail and eateries (the Food Network actually films a few of their shows here). They're also close to Chelsea Piers, which consists of an awesome sports complex and beer brewing company.

Color me jealous.

I wonder if they plan on keeping their Nashville home? My Tennessee friends spot Keith and Nicole out and about all the time -- they'll definitely be sad if the beautiful couple moves to NYC permanently. Heck, I'm sure they will, along with their Sydney and Los Angeles digs. Geez, can you imagine owning that many houses?


The skeptics can squawk all they want but the truth always comes out!


Anonymous said...

Wow, a sky garage! What will they think of next? If true, the place looks beautiful & I'm sure that Keith & Nicole would make any home of theirs "child-friendly" for their daughter, even though the skeptics want to pretend otherwise.

Anonymous said...

SM, just passing a message on from a few other posters. They seem to be having trouble with the site loading and trying to comment etc... I'm not having any problems myself, but just an FYI that some are having troubles.

SkewerMistress said...

Blogger constantly has issues and they don't affect all the blogs all the time. I just checked Twitter and there are current problems with leaving comments.

Has this been happening since the site got remade over? Try a different browser to view the site. If it's not happening to everyone I don't think there's anything I can do on my end to fix it.

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