August 13, 2010

The Obvious Irony Of The E! Online Skeptics

nomorefan: This organization is nothing but a waste of money and resources. It is going to take a lot more than a signed piece of paper to stop extremists.

nomorefan: UNIFEM and your Goodwill AmbASSador - where are you for these women and this unborn child? What does abuse mean to you?

innervoice: You'd think with all of the NATURAL plastic surgery BBQ Pork Chop has had, she'd offer to pay for the reconstruction of that poor woman's face. I'm sure Ms. UNIFEM knows a myriad of talented physicians.

nomorefan: Can anyone tell me what Baby Girl BBQ is doing to save these women from being stoned to death - yes I said stoned to death - buried in a hole with their arms in the hole - nothing for them to try and shield their face from stones being thrown at it! But this would mean Baby Girl BBQ would have to go to Iran!


We can read this nonsense and see the skeptics constantly contradict themselves. They post how awful and extreme a situations is, and then insist that one specific UN ambassador is supposed to march in and make the extremists obey Western law. What happened to the rest of them, political or celebrity? Is only Nicole Kidman qualified? Yes, that's one foot in the skeptics' mouths already. Here's the other....

The real gem in all of this is that the E! Online skeptics don't realize what they are truly proposing. Hypothetically let's say Nicole Kidman gives up her movie career completely and becomes UNIFEM's Mother Theresa. She's living only to fight against the injustices committed against women. Do the dummies like nomorefan, Mimosa, and innervoice realize how much media coverage she'd be getting? Oh the irony!

If only the skeptics were smart enough to see their plans backfire before they go through with them. They'd be better served critiquing Nicole Kidman's movies than ranting about social issues they don't really care about or understand.

Where's the Jimmy Wayne thread been?

It's. Just. That. Easy.



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