August 13, 2010

The Truth Behind The Purchase

While the skeptics have been spreading lies about Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, and in general showing a pure lack of common sense, a reader sent us a report on the Urbans' latest real estate purchase. In a shocking turn of events, the purchase is seen as a good thing and a boost to the NY economy. Nicole and Keith are welcome in NYC.

We'd also just like to say skeptics, we know why you are angry. It was just a short time ago that Ted Casablanca insinuated that Nicole Kidman had cash issues.

Ted C: Wondering where she got the cash to pay for all these "cosmetic enhancements"? That's a Vice so for another day, kiddies.

Some of you haters have tried to spread that rumor yourself, ever so often hinting she's desperate for money, including the hilarious fabrication that Nicole was selling information to the tabloids for money. That's of course when you aren't calling her a rich bitch, claiming that she's paying for Capitol to keep Keith or supporting his tour!

As for that other rumor that Tara tried to spread about Nicole running to NYC? Nicole desperate to join the cast of a Broadway play? Well if the skeptics knew their stuff they'd already know that those rumors of her retuning to the theater have been out there since her divorce. They'd also know that Nicole was asked in the past two years if would she like to go back. Her answer? Maybe, but not until her child was older.

What does a $10 million dollar purchase say readers?


P.S. Check out the sidebar for more of the truth behind Ted and Lainey!


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