August 4, 2010

Keith Urban Studio Sessions 07/30/10


Hey guys!

I wanted to check in and give you some news from the studio. Keith just finished his seventh week of recording and I canʼt begin to tell you how much I love these new songs.

If youʼve been following the videos, pics and blogs from the studio, youʼll know that Keith has been recording in Brentwood, TN (just a few minutes outside of Nashville). But this week we have a new home... a tiny studio waaaaaaay out in Leapers Fork, TN. Itʼs a cool little place owned by a guy who engineers many of Keithʼs records. The entire place consists of a tracking room the size of a bedroom, a control room the size of a bathroom and a closet/kitchen that doubles as ʻacoustic guitar recording roomʼ. Why record in such a small place? Probably because “Who Wouldnʼt Want To Be Me,” “You Look Good In My Shirt” and most of Golden Road were recorded here. Keith has a big affection for this studio.

Keith, the band, the engineers and producer Dann Huff are almost sitting on top of each other playing through the songs, brain-storming ideas and recording some of the best tunes so far. Needless to say, Iʼm finding myself loaded down with all my camera gear crunched into a corner or sitting Indian style between a kick drum and a guy with a banjo... Glad we were all well acquainted in advance :)

I'll talk to you guys real soon! Thanks for reading.



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