August 4, 2010

When You're Hot You're Hot....

When you're not you're not. Or so the old Jerry Reed song goes. But if you are a KUNK skeptic, Keith Urban can be both, depending on which day it is.

Another day, another BI

I don't know if it is because it has been awhile since I had a blind item about country music singers or the fact of who this is about, but I love this one. Two country singers. The male is A++ list. Married. To a celebrity. Can't say too much about the wife or it would totally give it away. The other singer is a woman. Probably a B list in the country singing world. Maybe that is just because of her name recognition though. She is also in a significant relationship. Anyway, the two have known each other for a few years. They met in a meeting if you know what I mean. Her for one reason and him for another. The next thing you know, they are trying to arrange tour dates close to each other and meeting at a place in Nashville when his wife is out of town. She has said the sex is kind of boring and quiet but really likes him and feels sorry for him. What about your boyfriend or his wife? I wonder if she feels sorry for them.

No need to provide the link because let's face it, that's what these websites use the BI's for....visitor traffic.

But good ol' hit n run on E! Online and Urban Myths are posting this like it's Christmas for the skeptics.

It's very curious that Keith Urban, washed up since 2006, p-whipped, contract-bound, sniveling liar Keith Urban is labeled an A+++ lister. From that the skeptics scream "Yes! It must be Keith Urban and only Keith Urban!"

But posts on any other day from the nastiest, most fervent, and most idiotic skeptics like nomorefan, Mimosa, and Inept Senior Skeptic maclen will tell you he's done. His career is gone and he gave it away or Nicole Kidman stole it.

It's classic maclen contradicting herself today

maclen: could it be that something is just recently bubbling up to the "public" surface regarding the orb?

And habitual hater Mimosa has said this in the past....

Mimosa: He's been ruined forever as far as I'm concerned.

[On a side note, an E! Online search reveals just how many times Mimosa has used the word "cooties". What is she, 4?!]

So readers which is it? Blind Item for today and they'll say he's a cheating A-lister. Tomorrow when they ignore "I'm In" moving up the charts or the concert reviews he's Branson bound!

In today's blog we'd like to congratulate hit n run for linking up with some real geniuses. That group at CDAN, whoever they are....gossip lovers or skeptics under other usernames....really give us a chuckle. One of them didn't know Brad Paisley was an A-lister of Nashville and called Carrie B-list. She's not single and how do they know the Paisley's marriage is solid if they don't know simple facts like that. Another thinks troubled Mindy McCready is B-list.Unfortunately McCready is only on the radar for what has gone wrong in her life. A few think Julianne Hough is B-list. She wishes she was B-list after dumping DWTS. One thinks the other woman is Shania, even though she's not in Nashville, definitely A-list, and not touring.

A heads up to the gossip mongers: There are stars in Nashville with addictions that you don't know about. But if you don't even know that Brad Paisley is A-list don't even try to guess a Nashville BI, know matter how grounded in truth it may seem.

Even the BI isn't sure of the career status of the other woman. How convenient. Again, we're dealing with the highest caliber of writers here!

But let's put it this way. If they (Crazy Days And Nights, Lainey, Ted) really wanted you to know they'd give you enough to figure it out. What they really want is for you to keep guessing and unless you keep it to yourself that means coming back over and over to their sites.

Just read this. nomorefan has fallen for it hook, line, and sinker

nomorefan: Well, we'll have to keep track of who Enty talks about on there.

Let's wait and watch Urban Myths try to pull off Miranda Lambert as "the other woman" ;-) Did she get flowers on the bus every night like Katrina did? Miranda will be in Switzerland in September? Is that the secret getaway?


It's. Just. That. Easy.

And always remember.....

If the gal is "sorry", maybe it's Brenda Lee!

Lah lahlah lah lah laaaaaaah,

Lah lah lah laaah!


Anonymous said...

"She said the sex was kinda boring". Can't be Keith. Did the skeptics forget about the pornstar's 3 sensational hours story they quoted for 3 years? Who's Keith arranging tour dates with? A big fat nobody.

Bad writing + Blind vice = Taralea.
Sickos, the lot of them.

Anonymous said...

What's this here or-gain-ic food? That big headed Keith Urban has a lot of gall eatin so high and mighty. Why I bet he don't even open the packet of oatmeal hisself! What next? Oatmeal in a box? Two colors of peppers? That hussy wife of his done took his hamburger away. Whoever heard of no butter n onions?! Not my husband, that's for dang sure. - nomorefan

SkewerMistress said...

Don't worry nomorefan, we've got you covered. Stay tuned ;)

yawn said...

NFN is really the ultimate moron. The whole bunch of them are idiots without conscience, morals or memories apparently! Guess it is true what they say, lies build more lies. Once you start telling them you can't see the truth anymore.

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