August 27, 2010

New Video - Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban In Hong Kong - Skeptic Myths Debunked

Once again video proves that skeptics like maclen, MADISON, Oh So " Loony" and erniesmom from Urban Myths and The E! Online Awful Truth are liars.

MADISON: It looks to me, like he didn't have such a good time. No one seems to be paying attention to him. They are all talking amongst themselves and it is like Keith is the background music. Then the pictures of Baldy makes her look like a fool that she is. Look at the people behind her. They look like they are at a funeral.

erniesmom: Why is it that she seems to be Enjoying the music and having a good time when shes NOT in NASH? Every time I'[ve seen her at a Country Mucis Show(Awards usually) she is Yawning and Bored

Jakra777 / Oh " so" Leery / I'm Still Leery: never saw a couple that put out such trash. Its really amateurish maybe thats why there are no parts for her she just cant act!

maclen: And yes blue sky, no doubt a part of that $10 mil spent on a simple real estate investment was that $1 mil they got for that "special" UN/Omega trip where they supposedly raised just over a $100k for charity...between the "fraken" both of them...while they ended up getting paid over $1 mil to do it!

maclen won't tell you the truth and that is the UNIFEM gala fundraiser was simply the capper to the trip for Nicole and Keith. Nicole spent the day promoting Omega (she is an ambassador for them after all) going to a store opening which also coincided with the launch of the limited edition Omega Constellation Co-Axial Chronometer. Whatever she was paid, and we have no idea where you are getting your figures maclen, is for her contract with Omega...a contract that other celebrities like George Clooney have. Omega and UNIFEM found a partnership together and does anyone really think Nicole Kidman or Keith Urban was paid for the charity gala? NO! In fact, if you watch the video in its entirety you'll see that the event was fully endorsed by UNIFEM and in attendance was Joan Libby-Hawk, UNIFEM's public affairs chief. You'll also see the signed box of the watch Nicole was given by Omega, which she auctioned off for UNIFEM.

The skeptics continue to lie. They won't tell you Nicole has been involved with the UN, specifically UNICEF and UNICEF Australia since 1994.

They won't tell you Nicole's acceptance into UNIFEM was conditional upon a meeting by the executive director Noeleen Heyzer

"She's a great listener and an extraordinary person."
~Heyzer, Redbook Magazine, September 2006

If you want more information and more of the truth on Nicole and Keith's charity work, check out this past STS blog.


Anonymous said...

Wow, look at all the people talking amongst themselves and acting like it's a funeral. MADISON, thank you for once again confirming the fool YOU are.

Keep talking, haters. It makes it easier for us.

Anonymous said...

maclen came by that number from another skeptic who said she read it somewhere. 99.9999999% probability it was from a tabloid or gossip site. Great source, huh?

Anonymous said...

Made fools of them selves again, by writing lies that even they don't believe. LOL

Anonymous said...

Well, it goes to show that the skeptics have never been to any Asian countries. They are stuck in their looney caves. The Asian people especially the older and elites are more reserve. This was a sit down/formal dinner and not a concert,get drunk and act like crazy. Duhhhhh. Caught with their lies and hatred again.

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