August 18, 2010

Nicole Kidman Stars In New Village Mall Campaign

We have the new commercial for Village Mall, a shopping center in Barra da Tijuca, an area of Rio De Janiero, Brazil. This is just one facet of the campaign, with print ads scheduled to appear in local magazine and newspapers over the coming weeks.

We also found a blog which has a behind-the-scenes photo of Nicole getting touched up during filming. Nicole never went to Brazil. Everything was done in front of a green screen in Nashville! The original text below has been translated with an online editor.

Nicole Kidman for shopping Carioca Village Mall

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The actress Nicole Kidman will be the star of the campaign of new shopping Carioca Village Mall. Shopping, located in the Bar of the Tijuca, promises to be new point of luxury in the River, with store national and international classroom AAA. The advertising, that will count 2 me of duration with the actress arriving in the wonderful city starts to be transmitted by the TV from tuesday, day 17 of August. Nicole wears a gorgeous Valentino dress for the commercial and it then will be auctioned and all proceeds will revert to charities in need. Legal the initiative, right?


Thanks to a reader for sending us this link! More photos are available on the Village Mall website

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I hate shopping. Really! But wouldn't it be fun to do it that way? lol

Loved the preview!

Sweet Thing said...

wait for it...wait for it...

Nicole can't even go to Brazil to help the poor advertisers! They didn't want her there! It's a body double to make you think she's in Nashville! It's a sockpuppet blogger! Why is she shopping when she should be saving abused women? She had a boob job in the red dress! She's flatchested and wearing young people clothes! She's glaring at the camera because she's difficult to work with! Where's her children while she's standing in front of a green screen? She needs money so she's pimping herself out to Brazil! Keith is having an affair with that makeup girl! Bahahahahahahaha!

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