August 17, 2010

CMT's Big Mistake:
Eliminating Message Boards

If you logged into today you found this message

We at have noticed over time that less and less of our groups functionality has been used. This, along with the surge in social networking capabilities of the country music artists and management, has led to make the difficult decision to cease operations of our groups here on

This does not mean that you cannot still offer your opinion on your favorite stars latest videos, photos and news articles published by On the contrary, we encourage you to comment on your favorite artists videos, photo galleries, and news articles.


What poor judgement on the part of CMT. They spent all that time and effort making the transition into their new board format only to get rid of it all together.

Understandably, CMT eliminated message boards for many artists who weren't played on the radio or had very small careers. A message board for every country act is daunting to maintain.

However, eliminating active message boards for active artists like Keith Urban or George Strait is not only cruel but stupid. Years of friendship were on those boards and loyalty to CMT for creating a place to go to every day.

How much traffic to their site were they getting? They claim it wasn't enough. What do we think? CMT no longer wanted to pay for board monitoring. It's not just fan message boards that were dropped. If you ventured deep into the site you'd find things like a current events board and a helpful name that tune section.

To CMT: it's not about artists on Twitter or music videos available on Youtube. It was about community and now that community is gone.


Anonymous said...

Very telling I guess I would have to think.

CMT will be gone soon? (like TNN or whatever its beginnings were)

Anonymous said...

Well you can look at it this way.


SkewerMistress said...

I doubt CMT will be gone. They are part of a big media conglomerate Viacom which means they really don't have to listen to anybody, namely the viewers.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry CMT didn't give some notice to the loyal posters left there, but I won't miss the 27 thread in any way. Nor will I miss the sweetness posts.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha OBSESSED/SKEPTIC/STALKER 27,has no more fan message board to post her love messages. They should have banned her. I guess that's the only board where she can post her love notes to Keith and she can't do what CMT has allowed for years on Skeptic boards since they hate Keith. That thread was so disgusting and CMT tolerated her and just let it go on. They delete threads when there's a lot of cat fighting(honestly which I enjoyed reading) or just recently a nice concert review thread but not the infamous "I love you". I will miss the Billboard updates thread thou.

SkewerMistress said...

I think the consensus is 27 and Sweetness threads gone = good, CMT boards wiped away without a word of warning = bad, and disappointing.

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