August 17, 2010

Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman Updates 08/17/10

Keith Urban: Enjoying a little studio time over the next few days... back on the road again Aug 28 at The Gorge in Washington.



Backstage with Keith Urban and a big Fair weekend!

[Click on the link for photos]

I decided to take last week off from blogging. There was a lot going on and frankly, not a lot of time to blog! But, I’m back today (albeit not at work as I’m home on a sick day) and I’m ready to talk about the weekend!

Friday was a great day. I hit up the Iowa State Fair for the first time this year and got to see a great show in the process. Earlier in the day, we had STAR Artist and American Idol season 8 winner Kris Allen over to Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar for an intimate performance in front of a lucky few listeners. Kris is everything that I hoped he’d be when I met him. I remember voting for him a lot near the stretch run of that Idol season. I’m glad that he’s still a very humble guy and very much in love with playing music. He put on a great show for our listeners and the staff that tagged along.

That night, I hit up the Fair and got the great opportunity to go backstage to meet STAR Artist Keith Urban. It was a backstage experience like I had never had in my 12 years in radio. Dubbed the “Keith Urban Backstage Barbecue Experience,” all of the fans that went backstage were treated to a full spread of sandwiches, fruit, sides, drinks and more. Considering all of the food that awaited us on the Fairgrounds, I wasn’t about to turn down a free meal! Once my friend and I sat down to eat, we noticed that there was a stage set up inside the tent. It would appear we’d be getting a performance!

Once we finished eating the tasty grub, we were lead outside to line up for our pictures with Keith. We were the very last group to walk into the hospitality room where Keith was there to greet us with a very warm smile and hearty handshake. The people that I was with in the hospitality room were clearly new to the “meet and greet” experience, so I broke the ice with Keith by making small talk with him. I have a friend from Melbourne, Australia who just spent about 16 months in the US and has been accused of losing her Aussie accent. I was wondering how Keith can spend so much time in Nashville and the US and still have his accent. He told me that it helps that he’s married to a fellow Aussie (Nicole Kidman) and that he gets back to Australia quite frequently. I found him to be very nice and very friendly to his fans. Everything you can ask for in meeting an artist you appreciate.

After we sat back down, Keith came into the tent where everyone had gathered and hopped on stage to chat with the crowd. He told a few one liners and then started asking for requests for songs. He decided on one of my favorites, “Days Go By.” Afterward, he answered a few questions from fans. Most were the basic questions that fans ask like “What’s your most embarrassing moment on stage?” and “Do you get home often?” Keith took the questions in stride like they were the first time he’d heard them.

It was a great backstage experience. Country artists can really teach a thing or two to many other artists. Instead of just rushing by and shaking hands, artists should make this experience memorable for their fans!

On Saturday, my wife, visiting brother-in-law, co-worker Lindsay and friends, Mike and Melissa all headed to the Fair for another day of walking and eating! We ate our way around the grounds and saw lots of the animals including the famed Big Boar and Super Bull. We also stopped to watch a sheep shearing contest which was quite strange to see. But, I suppose I can cross that off my list of State Fair things I’ve seen. Saturday was a great day spent with great friends.

On Sunday, I wanted to check out the Vanilla Ice/Tone Loc show on the free stage. I hit up the Fair Sunday afternoon and realized that this show was going to be huge. I got to the stage two hours before the show and the seating area was already full. Upon returning at 7:45, it was a chaotic scene. I’ve never seen the AE stage so full in all my years coming to the Fair. The crowd spilled into the street and the nearby hillsides. I took this picture from inside the Cultural Center across the street:

Thousands of people came out to watch the show. It was insane. After seeing the first few minutes of Tone Loc’s set, I decided to walk around and eat instead. There was just nowhere to sit or see.

So far at the Fair, I’ve eaten the Hot Beef Sundae, a hot dog, French fries from the Depot, a cup of chocolate chip cookies and a deep fried cheese on a stick. I’ve also had bites of some other people’s foods.

I’ve got several more days at the Fair to go! Can’t wait to share the experience with you!
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We were sent in this cute tweet that we missed from a Twitterer in Nashville.

mistyb121: Oscar Winners & country music stars go to @walgreens too! : ) 4:15 PM Aug 15th via Echofon


And finally, as we reported earlier, Nicole would be the star of a new campaign for a luxury mall opening in Brazil. Here's a new article detailing the campaign. The original text is in Portuguese but here's a rough computer translation.

Nicole Kidman launches shopping of luxury in the River

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The Multiplan is investing about R$ 10 million in a covered with star national campaign for Nicole Kidman, to divulge the launching of its new enterprise, the Shopping Village Mall, in Rio De Janeiro. Created for the Eugênio agency Real estate Marketing, the estreia action in this tuesday, 17, during the interval of the Passione novel, the Net Globe. The film shows the actress arriving at Rio De Janeiro on board a spurt and, after that, taking a walk for the outskirts in one limusine. While the actress if fascinates with the landscape that she sees for the window of the car, the city also goes if enchanting with its beauty. During the passage, the protagonist attends a film that detaches all the differentials of shopping. At the end, he arrives at its destination, a luxurious place where all the lenses are focadas in its direction. The cherry of the cake is on account of the words in Portuguese who the actress says when counting the concept of the enterprise. The scene direction is of the Chilean Sergio Cuevas, consolidated in Brazil since 1986. Beyond the film, the campaign counts on announcements in main periodicals of São Paulo and Rio De Janeiro and in magazines weekly, monthly and segmented fashionable and style. In the place where shopping will be constructed, in the Bar of the Tijuca, it will have a great billboard with the image of the actress, photographed for James White.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

In accordance with Carlos Valladão, president and director of creation of the Eugênio, the choice of Nicole if must to its recognition as icon of style and beauty. " I believe that it has a ineditismo in the fact of that an international star is making a campaign for one shopping before its inauguração" , it emphasizes. On the other hand, the use of the image of actresses and foreign models are if becoming recurrent in the Brazilian advertising of shoppings. Example of this was the campaign of launching of the Shopping City Garden, covered with star for Sarah Jessica Parker in 2008 middle. The same advertiser scaled, in May, the British Kate Moss to carry out its advertising until the end of the year.


Anonymous said...

That Happy picture at the top, from in the studio SHOULD BE HIS NEW ALBUM COVER. LOL LOL

Anonymous said...

I noticed the "faithful STS" readers are keeping the Jimmy Wayne thread going "lately".


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Ted knows his biggest fan is a giant homophobe? We're suppose to be shocked by something Angelina said over 10 years ago when she was sucking face with her brother and hanging viles of blood around her neck? Who the fuck cares? He's on his 3rd marriage. Maybe he's bi. Again who the fuck cares? Sue hates gays as much as she hates Nicole. What next? Hating her black son? Seriously, Sue thinks possum is the other white meat.

SkewerMistress said...

Exactly right on the Angelina comments. But we know nomorefan. nomorefan will post anything, regardless of the source, that in her warped mind thinks will embarrass Nicole. Nicole, a straight woman, was married to a gay man. That's of course when she isn't posting Nicole is a lesbian secretly in love with Naomi Watts.

I do believe the hate goes so deep that if Nicole did not have a black son and had only dated white men the skeptics would have celled her a racist. If she hadn't talked about friendships with gay men, her relationship with Kevyn Aucoin, her flattery at her gay icon status with Moulin Rouge, they would have celled her a homophobe. They have thrown everything else in the book at her.

SkewerMistress said...

I noticed the "faithful STS" readers are keeping the Jimmy Wayne thread going "lately".

Anon when it's mentioned here that the thread is dead, up it goes the next day. It's no coincidence!

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he he ! SM said "Anon when it's mentioned here that the thread is dead, up it goes the next day. It's no coincidence"

My point and boy was I LMAO! They read and react EVERY TIME! I guess they just can't help being stupid and think no one NOTICES their screwups.! he he
Its just that easy!

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