August 20, 2010

Why Other E! Online Skeptics Keep Their Distance From Mimosa

Mimosa is out of the loop when it comes to the friendship and backstabbing aspects of being a good skeptic. She's not BFF's with anyone, she doesn't have a sick and twisted dynamic like buddies nomorefan and astilbe. There's no co-dependent relationship to share the anger. What she said yesterday is a definite indicator of why. She tops the list for being libelous and defamatory when it comes to Nicole Kidman.

Here's the latest lie she's spreading...

Mimosa: Yep. And she meant for it [Schweppes' ad] to be suggestive. She's disgusting and immoral and very twisted.

But this we all can believe...

Mimosa: I won't buy anything she endorses. And I enlighten people about her all the time....starting with the movie "Birth".

No wonder Mimosa is a twisted nutcase. How many times in Anytown USA does Nicole Kidman come up in normal conversation? We know Mimosa, just like most of the skeptics, isn't anywhere near Nashville, Australia, or LA. She's nomorefan on steroids, talking about Nicole Kidman everywhere she goes, being sure to tell everyone she's a pervert. You can't get more twisted than that. We'd bet she gets alot of that fake Southern politeness she says she knows Nashville throws at Nicole. People nod and smile; at the end of her crackpot theories the parties subjected to them are rolling their eyes as they walk away in disbelief. "Enlighten"? Letting people know how hateful you are would be enlightening.

Where's fellow know-it-all givethanks / NewBeginnings when you need her. She'd post single sentence paragraphs, trying to convince everyone her nasty thoughts were 100% fact and irrefutable, all the while being a good Christian woman of course. It's too bad they didn't become BFF's....that's Backstabbing Friends Forever.

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Anonymous said...

I love Mimosa! Everything she hates about the KUNK fans is the same as what she does on the Jimmy thread. Nothing says paranoid schizophrenic like Mimosa.

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