August 21, 2010

What The Skeptics Do Best:
Quote Their Own Lies

Can you count how many are in this latest Urban Myths blog?

1. Recently Nic (since that's what Keith and her one true love call her) went to Haiti for a three hour tour.

2. Nope, she got a lot of pictures taken, sweated through her sweater and hat and left having done a good job.

3. Rumors are Nic bought this place a few months ago but waited to tell everyone until the box office numbers were in about her true love's last film.

4. Nic can sit high atop the Big Apple proud of her contribution to humankind while she smokes her cigarettes off one of her three balconies. Keith can nurse his rumored ulcer. And Sunday, well does anyone know what happened to her

That's 4. Not a record, but a decent effort.

"But when they bought this place they bought yet another place that will be inaccessible from those little people who might want to bother them. Another bonus is no one will see who actually lives there. Just like L.A., the gated place in Oz, the high rise in Sydney and the private gated farm in Tennessee."

Does anyone wonder why they have gated and secured homes? Angry obsessed fans want a piece of him and think they are owed that. It's that Skeptic Sense of Entitlement rearing its ugly head time and time again! The Urban Myths skeptics have really tried on this one. They've clearly attempted to link their sick ideas with a current article that's sure to get many hits over the next few weeks. Still it's an epic fail made up of the same old same old. Another word for it? Lies.

Two questions for the silly skeptics.....

1)What did you expect from Keith if you continued to buy his albums and go to his concerts? He'd invite you to his mansion that you gave him permission to deserve?

2)Why do you think you have a right to see into Keith's home from the road? Why do you need to know exactly when he's there and when he's not? Be glad their home is away from the road and gated. Otherwise, we'd have even more proof you are full-time liars. In the real world where sanity counts for something, Keith and Nicole's word, the word of other celebrities, and everyday Nashvillians is enough.

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Anonymous said...

Aw the haters are just jealous that the Urbans have 4 houses and they only have a trailer.

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