September 2, 2010

Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman Updates 09/02/10

***MORE UPDATES*** We've added Keith's full performances from the 2010 CMA Fest ("Help From My Friends" and "I'm In"), a new interview, Keith in Rock Band 2, and a tweet from AI alumnus Katharine McPhee....the Urbans are now all in Shreveport!


Thanks to a random poster on Youtube, we found out Keith's hit "Days Go By" will be included in the new edition of the video game Rock Band!

Dierks Bentley—“What Was I Thinkin’”
Eric Church – “Hell on the Heart”
Jamey Johnson – “Women”
Josh Turner – “Would You Go With Me”
Keith Urban – “Days Go By”
Lady Antebellum – “Lookin’ For a Good Time”
Laura Bell Bundy – “Rebound”
Reba McEntire – “Fancy”
Sugarland – “It Happens”

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Urban keeps the spirit of country music alive

By Brent Hallenbeck, Free Press Staff Writer • Thursday, September 2, 2010

His name may evoke the city, but the music of Keith Urban (above left) is rooted in the country.

Or is it? The winner of multiple Country Music Association awards (as well as a couple of Grammys), who’s playing Saturday at the Champlain Valley Fair, talked last week by phone from Nashville about how his music and country music in general have a lot to do with pop sounds, and vice versa. He also found time before catching a flight to a gig in Minneapolis to discuss his famous wife, Oscar­winning actress Nicole Kidman, with whom he was rumored to be buying a house in Vermont a few years ago (Urban owns no property in Vermont, according to his publicists).

Burlington Free Press: I’ve been listening to your most recent album, last year’s “Defying Gravity,” and it reminds me a lot of ’80s pop music by the likes of Richard Marx and .38 Special.

You’ve also played lately with people such as John Mayer and Alicia Keys. That’s not exactly country, is it?

Keith Urban: Country, since the dawning of it, has really cross-pollinated with the pop genre. Pop is really just popular music. It’s always been an evolutionary genre, which is why it’s remained so popular but also strong and quite diverse.

A song like “Wichita Lineman” or “Galveston,” when you think about a big lush string section, it’s certainly not Hank Williams. In the ’60s people were up in arms about the lack of purity of the genre, and through the ’70s with the outlaw movement. It’s always had it; every decade has always had it.

BFP: And then you’ve got the ’50s, Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley and the whole Million Dollar Quartet thing.

KU: Then you’re tapping into the connection of everything — rock, blues, gospel, jazz.

BFP: But you can’t be country — you don’t even wear a Stetson.

KU: Certainly years ago I was asked about that. When you think about Johnny Cash or George Jones or Glen Campbell, not a hat in sight. That’s got a long history, too.

BFP: How do you define the term “country music”?

KU: For me it’s more the spirit of the music. There’s something in the way the song’s written, the way it’s produced and sung, the instrumentation to a certain degree. There is some element that seems to have more people than not defining it as country. At the end of the day the public defines it, and whether that label even matters.

BFP: But it’s not just fans or music journalists labeling you that way, it’s also the industry that refers to you as country.

KU: The core of my music has always been that. It’s where I come from. I was raised with way more of a country sound than I probably have today. A lot of musicians, from Tim McGraw to Faith Hill, their early records sound way more country than they do now.

BFP: I was reading that, back home in Australia, you played country music but also some surf-rock-styled music.

KU: My grounding there in my teens was in country.

When I got to be 15, 16, and playing in the pubs, I had to play with a bit more attitude, so I incorporated a little Creedence Clearwater Revival, John Mellencamp, The Eagles, Jackson Browne. Even with the rock stuff I was incorporating a little West Coast sound.

BFP: You’ve been doing some studio work recently, right?

KU:We’re working on the next record right now and we’re probably well past the halfway point. We’ll have new music in the next couple of months, a new album by the end of the year.

BFP: What’s it like?
“Defying Gravity” was confident and upbeat.

KU: It may be too early to tell. We recorded a lot of songs and we’re deciding which ones may constitute a new album. At this stage I would say it’s not a radical departure. I can’t even put my finger on what it is now. It’s just a new record (laughs). It’s not a radical departure. It’s perhaps a bit deeper. It’s a sexier record.

BFP: What do you think made it turn out that way?

KU: I guess just the family that my wife (Nicole Kidman) and I are in with each other and with our little girl (Sunday Rose). Having a child and being in a marriage that’s really growing has deeply influenced and affected my music, that’s for sure.

BFP: But “Defying Gravity” had that flavor, too, of celebrating your new family.

KU: I love boy/girl songs.

They’re timeless. There’s something a bit more musically deeper on this record, that’s probably a better way to put it.

BFP: Does your wife ever attend your concerts in faraway places like, oh, say, Vermont?

KU: You never know.

She’s actually shooting a film right now in Louisiana (“Trespass” with Nicolas Cage). She hasn’t got a lot of free travel time.

BFP: You haven’t done any acting of your own, have you?

KU: I think the more I watch her work the more I love my job.

BFP: Why is that?

KU: I just love music. It’s my passion, it’s my calling. I don’t really have any major aspirations for anything else.

BFP: Is it also that acting looks like hard work?

KU: It is hard work. I think the hardest part is being at the mercy of so many other variables. What I love about my job is I get to write songs the way I want and play them the way I want. The art I make makes it all the way to the people the way I intended it. With actors, half their performances end up on the cutting-room floor.


Thanks to a reader for this scan of Country Weekly's feature of the Story Behind The Song. They interview Radney Foster's "I'm In" co-writer Georgia Middleman. Middleman got the idea for the song from watching the Matt Damon / Ben Affleck film Good Will Hunting!

"When "I'm In" came on, he [Keith] told Nicole that he needed to write a song like that for his next record. She said 'Well why don't you just cut that one'? "

"Somebody told me once to throw away the first song you write because it won't be any good. This was the first song Radney and I wrote together. I'm glad I didn't listen to them, because they were wrong! This song felt so good, and we knew it was special. It started our writing relationship. I am so thankful for this song and Keith...and Nicole!"

Image and video hosting by <br />TinyPic

Although it looks like "I'm In" will be a #2 hit single for Keith, it is a special song and deserves some attention. a special treat, here's a live version of "I'm In" sung by Radney Foster and Abra Moore.


Production on Trespass in Shreveport has begun, although filming with the leads has not quite started. Here's a few tidbits!

jazzajenn: I am officially a stand-in for Nicole Kidman for the movie "Trespass"!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!! about 12 hours ago via Facebook

Ascot Elite nabs 'Trespass'
Schumacher thriller stars Cage, Kidman

BERLIN -- Swiss distrib Ascot Elite has acquired all German-speaking rights to Joel Schumacher's upcoming thriller "Trespass," starring Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman.

The NuImage/Millennium title, which is due to begin production next week in Louisiana, centers on a husband and wife taken hostage by four brutal kidnappers seeking easy cash. Complications ensue amid the unexpected discovery of betrayal and deception.

Ascot also picked up Michael Winnick's "Guns Girls and Gambling," starring Gary Oldman and Christian Slater. Produced by Bob Yari, the pic involves the search for a priceless American Indian artifact stolen during a poker game at an Indian casino. Sam Trammell ("True Blood") and Dane Cook also star.

CEO Ralph Dietrich: "We are always looking for unique projects. 'Trespass' and 'Guns, Girls and Gambling' are definitely two of those."

Ascot Elite recently launched its new German theatrical arm Ascot Elite Filmverleih, which will release its first title, Rodrigo Cortes' "Buried," starring Ryan Reynolds, this fall.

Interview with Trespass director Joel Schumacher

'Esti Ginzburg should be a Bond girl'

"I have been loved quite a lot throughout my life, but I don't think I'm good at relationships. I'm good at friendships, but I'm not the marrying type. Today I'm just old."

Schumacher is currently in Louisiana, where he is shooting his new film "Trespass".

"It’s a thriller about a family whose house is broken into. During the break-in, those present discover many secrets and lies about their life," he explains.

The new film stars two actors who have worked with Schumacher before: Nicole Kidman ("Batman Forever") and Nicolas Cage ("8MM").

"Nicole and Nicolas have become younger, while I've grown older," he complains. "Since we worked together, each of them has gotten married. Both Nicole and Nicolas have a baby at home now, and they seem very happy."

The thriller is being produced by Hollywood's "Israeli gang": Avi Lerner, Danny Dimbort, and Boaz Davidson.

"Since I have made many films with producer Arnon Milchan as well, I am in fact officially Israeli," Schumacher jokes.


Keith Urban on his 2010 CMA nominations

Keith Urban already has six CMA trophies, but he remained humbled by his latest nominations for male vocalist and entertainer of the year.

"I just found out about the noms," he said. "Man, what can I say? Huge massive thank you to everyone who not only made these nominations possible but also brought a whole new level of passion to our shows this year. ... From the fans to country radio to the Nashville community, I appreciate it more than you can possibly imagine."

CMT News


Nicole is once again involved with a cancer charity! As we blogged previously, Nicole has been a Patron Breast Cancer Awareness for Cancer Research UK The organization is gearing up for its new 2010 campaign.

'Nicole Kidman has backed survival fight - now we need you'

by James Nadal

A NICOLE Kidman backed charity has issued a rallying cry to men, women and children to 'Join the fight for women's survival'.

Cancer Research UK has launched the seventh Henley and Marlow Stride.

The seven mile walking event along the River Thames takes place on Sunday October 3.

Stride spokesman Jo Patching said an an army of celebrities including Australian actress Miss Kidman and other Hollywood stars had signed up to the 'fight'.

“We need everyone in the local area to ‘Join the fight for women’s survival’”, she said.

“Our research is beating breast cancer. We need you to help us fight harder – local events such as this beautiful walk along the Thames is a perfect way to raise money, spend time with family and friends and keep fit.”

Participants will start either at Remenham Farm, Henley, or Higginson Park, Marlow, and will be offered a free shuttle bus for the return.

To get a free Cancer Research UK fundraising pack, visit or call 08701 60 20 40.


DJ Laurel Edwards has another tale from Nashville. Listen all the way to the end to find out how Keith fits into the story!

Laurel and the Singing Cabbie


Nicole has added more photos from her UNIFEM trip to Haiti on her official MySpace page. Click HERE to view the photo album.


As we noted in months previous, Nicole's film Rabbit Hole sold quite well at the Cannes Film Festival for international distribution. It was rumored that Fox held the domestic distribution rights. However, that is now incorrect as we have found out RH is up for grabs at Toronto.

Rabbit Hole is, according to IonCinema's editor-in-chief Eric Lavallee, the #1 pick for films looking for domestic distribution. He lists his Top 20 choices HERE

The Gist: Based on David Lindsay-Abaire's Broadway play, the story concerns a happily married couple, Becca (Kidman) and Howie (Eckhart), trying to cope with the death of their only child, a four-year-old who was killed in an auto accident. They go through an intensely emotional, redemptive journey they must undertake to regain happiness. Supporting cast includes: Dianne Wiest, Miles Teller, Tammy Blanchard and Sandra Oh.

Director: John Cameron Mitchell -- Sales Agent: Odd Lot Int.

Selling Point: She shines best when she works in commercial failures (e.g.: Birth, Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus and Margot at the Wedding), and my feeling is this could be an example of Kidman asserting herself as one of the tops in the game. TIFF audiences and critics will help determine whether this is Oscar territory.

Suited For: A studio who is not afraid to go into deep dramatic terrain.


And congratulations to....

Dann Huff for his CMA nomination for Musician of The Year!


Monty Powell for his new publishing deal!

Monty Powell Chooses ole for Catalog and Futures

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 1, 2010) - ole one of the world's largest independent music publishers, has concluded a catalog purchase and worldwide co-publishing deal with prolific songwriter and producer, Monty Powell.

Powell has been responsible for hit songs that have helped drive the sales of more than 50 million albums in total by artists like Restless Heart ("Dancy's Dream"), Diamond Rio ("Norma Jean Riley," "Nowhere Bound"), Billy Ray Cyrus ("Could Have Been Me"), Brooks & Dunn ("I Am That Man"), Tim McGraw ("One of These Days"), Chris Cagle ("What A Beautiful Day," "Miss Me Baby") and Keith Urban ("Days Go By," "Tonight I Wanna Cry"). Powell has collaborated as co-writer with some of the hottest artists in the music world such as Keith Urban (his new album due in November; Lady Antebellum and Darius Rucker.

"I'm excited about ole as a company," says Powell, a native of Georgia, who currently lives in Nashville. "I think they've positioned themselves exactly the way that a company needs to be: playing the type of ball that the majors play, playing at the level they play, but playing with an independent mindset. That's one of the reasons why they've been successful. I think they're going to be the force in music publishing in the near future because they move nimbly and have a very interesting capital structure. It's just a completely different model and I'm all about new models. These guys are thinking outside the box; I'm thinking outside the box and we've come to a lot of the same things together, so it makes sense that we partner up. The executive team at ole is very sharp. They all have deep publishing backgrounds, not just finance or widget-selling, so they understand the push and pull of what it really takes to monetize a copyright and what that means over the life of a copyright."

Comments ole's Chairman & CEO, Robert Ott: "ole is very pleased to welcome Monty Powell to our team. Monty's ability to write hit songs is widely known, but he is also an innovative thinker and entrepreneur of the first order. I know that he will add immensely to ole's already aggressive and innovative creative culture."

As a songwriter, Powell swept the SESAC Awards in 2009 as he prevailed in the categories of Song, Songwriter and Publisher of the Year. In 2006, he picked up a Song of the Year CMA nomination for Keith Urban's "Tonight I Wanna Cry." As a producer, he earned a CMA Album of the Year award for his work on Common Thread: The Songs of the Eagles in 1994 and co-produced Diamond Rio's first three top selling albums, as well as Keith Urban's critically-acclaimed band, The Ranch for Capitol Records.

One of the things for which Powell has become noted is the time he spends on the road writing with a number of artists with whom he has developed close ties. "Several years ago, I carved this niche out for myself in the songwriting community," explains Powell. "There weren't a lot of alternative ways to skin the cat. I went directly to the artists and suggested that I go out on the road with them, integrate and become a part of their team. I told them that I would work with their schedule. If you need me, I'll be there, if not, you won't even know that I'm around. All this dead time and down time where you are not being creative or you are not generating a copyright or anything that you can monetize as an artist while you're out on the road, we can turn into creative time. A lot of people really perked up at that notion and gave me the opportunity to come out and gave me a bunk on the bus and I became one of the team. That's what I do."


Twitter Time!

Jessicarsen: Just saw Nicole and Keith at the Zoo. They were visiting the Vitamin Water table.

iamjohnnyangel: Just talked to Keith and Nicole at the zoo...score? Yes...yes indeed.

viyi0806: Had lunch at Wholefood and bumped into Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban earlier.

nashveggie: Leave it to my daughter the politician to go up and start talking to Keith & Nicole.

darrellbrown: @QueenRania happy birthday I'm friends with Nicole and Keith they have told me what a wonderful lady u r Enjoy and hope to meet you one day

murdernovels: @VariantVal Would I want to be Keith Urban? Only if I get to take home Nicole

nvbound: @KeithUrban LOVE watchin!!!! "I'm In" just makes the day go even better :) Thanks Nicole for suggesting Keith sing it :):):)

tonyacash: Did you see Keith Urban on #CMA?? I swear that man gets hotter and hotter... Nicole Kidman is a lucky woman ;)

katharinemcphee: Omg! In the hotel coffee shop standing next 2 Keith Urban! Soooo cool. The reason that is is b/c Nicole Kidman is shooting a movie here 2 about 4 hours ago via Twitter for Android


Lee on twitter said...

Ur amazing! This is the best fan page ever. Haters dont matter.

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Tacky_girl: Do any @JimmyWayne fans out there agree that it would be COOL if Keith Urban would take Jimmy&apos;s band on tour with him? If so, tweet Keith!


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