December 16, 2010

So Long, Farewell

Yes folks, this is goodbye. A few things before I leave you....

1) When this blog was disabled in September of 2010 it was done by the owner, Skewermistress, and no one else. The truth is it's time to move forward. When there are the same lies being told 5 years on, when Nicole Kidman is "boring" to skeptics now that her current film is getting rave reviews and award nominations are coming in spades, when Keith Urban is a lying D-lister in country music, there is no sense in continually arguing with stumps of cement.

2) Although this is the last post of Skewering The Skeptics, this blog will live on in internet-eternity, whatever that may be. I decided several weeks ago to put it back online with no intention of writing any sort of final message. That was until I was sent a comment from a reader that skeptics were posting that STS was "taken down" by Blogger. I'm not aware of what has been said on skeptic message boards but anything other than what I am telling you is a lie. There's been no action taken ever, by anyone, to delete this blog. The skeptics did not get STS removed.

3) The skeptics from E! Online, Urban Myths, and Nicole Kidman's Journey are liars. What's changed, right? Every day they go online and tell stories about the sham that is this marriage. Stories is too kind of a word. The fans know better. STS is staying online so that the skeptics can't catch a break. Anyone that finds out about these women can find out the truth. And we, that have dealt with the madness, can let the blog do the work.

Here are two pics that were never sold to tabloids or gossip sites. There are dozens of photos like these folks that the haters don't want you to see. This is the real family. The real deal.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

To the readers and fans, here's an interview from 1991 that Keith Urban did for radio stations across Australia. I didn't want to leave without a parting gift to you all. It's been an interesting ride!

Remember, things like the liner notes in Get Closer or the Extra Special Thanks to Keith and Sunday Urban in the closing credits of Rabbit Hole....who Keith and Nicole really are...are what's most important.


Anonymous said...

Same sweet guy Huh SM? Thank you it was a wonderful gift to us!

Not to worry about Keith and Nic, they are showing the way! It can be twisted & mangled, whatever , it doesn't change the facts.

Lies can be repeated over and over and over. It doesn't make they true. It doesn't make them real.

Thanks for leaving the blog up. As you say, it can speak for itself!

Probably a lot of us would love for you to continue the blog, just so we can vent now and then. ha
But what is the point.
There will always be crazy people around , lumps of cement, nuts, liars, so be it.

They are the ones who have to look at themselves in the mirror and misdeeds in life are dealt with somewhere along the road. There is a price to be paid.

Let that be their sad and fitting dues that will be catch up to them someday. It will probably be loneliness , because who would want to be around them in real life!

yawn said...

While I can't argue with anything you said SM - I still want you to know I respect and thank you for all you have done. You will be missed but thank you for leaving up this site so the truth can be found.

skankyoldwhore said...

Thank you for this blog :). And I think you are right in moving on, who knows when those idiots will get a life? As you said, it has been going on for 5 years and yet, they sit at their computers and keep lying. Let us live our lives as the Urbans are living theirs instead of watching the idiots and liars of E!, UrbanMyth and their foolish friends.

This year was nothing but a slap in their faces. Previously, they've been able to laugh at NK for her career choices but in 2010 she silenced them with a movie she produced and acted in, getting rave reviews and nominations out of the yazoo. And to end the year, the Urban family dropped the bombshell that is Faith Margaret. For a couple accused of loving publicity and self promotion by these idiots, they sure knew how to keep that quiet and worse for those idiots at E!, despite bragging that they know ALL that the Urbans do, they did not see that coming. A secret lasting for at least ONE YEAR. Who is the laughing stock, now.

Good luck to you and everyone who relish the truth.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your life and moving on Meisha. You really need to get a new hobby instead of stalking Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban all around the world. The pictures you posted that were supposedly not sold to the tabloids? Let me guess, you took them yourself while stalking these people?

SkewerMistress said...

Wrong on all counts nomorefan!

The skeptics still keep in touch. This is just one message I got. Isn't that nice?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, mychemmy, it's NOT nomore fan. You're clueless. LOL

SkewerMistress said...

Did mychemicalromance join the land of the living? Good for her if that's true. But she's not the author of this blog. Strike out again for the skeptics!

SkewerMistress said...

STS received the following email on March 30th. However the reader sent the message in September 2010. Apologies regardless of whose email delayed it.

Skewering the Skeptics is my favorite internet site. Skewer Mistress, you do a fantastic job. You get the news about Nicole and Keith before anyone else and frequently, you are the only one to have specific items of news, photos and videos. Also, it is fantastic to see your reaction to the cruel statements about Nicole especially and also Keith (probably because of Nicole). How annoying it is to see the same old plastic surgery and other nonsense about Nicole--I'm so glad you had this great idea of confronting this stuff and I love the site name.

I do have a question and a request. Skewering the Skeptics site is a challenge for my computer but I wait patiently because I love this site, though sometimes I cannot scroll down but just a small amount and have to exit. But could you possibly consider putting all the videos in a separate section of your site; and text only in a section all by itself? That way, those who want text only can select "text section" and others who want to see videos can select video section. When it is text only it takes a short time to gather and receive data but with text and videos, it is much, much slower for all this to happen. I do have "U-verse" which is supposedly much faster but this doesn't help much on Skewering the Skeptics when there are lots of videos.

Anyway, I love your site and will continue to go there often.

The short answer for anyone having issues is this would be an impossible task and require an entire site redesign. Please try the variety of browsers out there to maximize your viewing enjoyment and it may help to know the site was designed using Firefox.

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