June 2, 2011

Don't Let The Door Hit Ya On The Way Out!

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On the heels of an Urban Myths mythmaker hanging up her pen, an opportunity presented itself that this blog couldn't pass up. The E! Online Negative thread can thank many folks who don't believe a word of what's posted there for their view count. They can also thank someone who sent me a message asking me to update the blog, given the gem she found a few hours ago. Most of the time I decline because it's the usual antics....Mimosa lies that she's been a Keith fan for 15 years, hit n run lies that Nicole Kidman has no career prospects or that she as Tara is not an integral part of Urban Myths, maclen lies that she's not a skeptic, nomorefan pretends certain photos don't exist and makes up scenarios for ones she deems acceptable to the neg thread. Let it be known that with the skeptics insatiable need for lies and manipulation I cannot leave the blog unmonitored if it is to stay online so I do stay up to date with what is sent here. We've had more abusive messages come in and even an attempt to hack the blog and reset the password, which may or may not have been courtesy of the usual suspects. Note to the nut or nuts: Google alerted me when there were multiple attempts to log into the Blogger account from somewhere other than my usual location. Don't try it again. Because the skeptics can't leave STS alone, I check the inbox and email every week. Tonight wasn't their lucky night. If anyone had any doubts about what Skewering The Skeptics and other sane posters online have said here's something to shake them. A neon sign blasting in your face to make you see what a pathological group of liars "The Skeptics" are and how accepting they are of others to lie. All in the name of "paving the way".

Yes it's time to highlight the stupid and delightful mistake of Oh "so" Leery aka I'm Still Leery aka Jakra777 aka Making Movies aka Hatti aka Jake.

The blunder in all its glory!

Here's Mimosa telling I'm Still Leery she's mistaken about the mystery brunette, an argument that has lasted several days. Deja vu anyone?

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I'm Still Leery, after responding to nomorefan, forgets which personality to post under and responds to Mimosa as Jakra777, an alterego she's used to make it appear there's more skeptics than they are really are. Not an original tactic by any means!

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But oops, Loony Leery realizes her mistake and changes the post but she can't change who she is responding to!

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Thanks to Anonymous Contributor for sending this in!

Anonymous also wanted to pass along the interesting tidbits that Jake and Hatti told different stories to Urban Myths, as to why they were off the blog, coincidentally of course during the same time Still Leery and Jakra were off E. One story was they were in the hospital. The other was they were just too busy working! Will maclen be worrying about Jake and Hatti anymore or responding to them as if they are two separate people? We can't stop laughing but we have to to get to....

Mimosa! An argument between two skeptics is always like an argument between Dumb and Dumber. First she never believed the brunette story. Now she knows exactly who made it up and why and the whole history behind it. So she only debunks the mystery brunette when it serves her purposes. She wants to make her lies more believable so she argues with other liars who are more outrageous than her! She also won't admit to hanging out online with "the brunette" inventors or being just as obsessed with lying as the women who make up personal relationship stories. As we know the brunette tale isn't the only one!

A common thread here? Lies, lies, and lies. That's the real reason another skeptic bit the dust. They can't keep up the public charade no matter how many times they type LIAR in all caps or post a boring and repetitive laundry list of their own fantasies.

This summer is already turning out to be pretty great, isn't it!

Don't let the door hit your skeptic behinds on the way out, liars.


Anonymous said...

Good stuff SM! I'd say it was worth posting and why I continue to follow the blog. Cold hard proof. Now if only the dumbos would be willing to admit exactly what charade they are following!

dumbfounded - Keith sends out messages. Phoenix on the arm, now Phoenix as the fragrance. Betcha he loves someone from Phoenix. Would bet my left knuckle on it.

LindaMarie - I will continue to ride this charade to the end.

Verity said...

From everyone at the positive thread, THANK YOU!

spamalot said...

After 6 years it seems the remaining skeptics fall into two camps. Nasty liars and hopeless pushovers. It's not the nasty liars that are the sad stories. It's the ones that seem to be willing to bet their last dollar Keith will leave his wife and children to "reconnect" with them. The rememberwhens, the fadingfans, the youneverknows, the hoosierladys, the ones that use the nasty liars as touchstones to validate their version of reality. And the nasty liars eat it up like candy telling the pushovers what to think.

BeenThereHeardThat said...

Perfect timing Skewermistress because there's also maclen's failed plan to get more posters typing on Urban Myths and vice versa on E. Everybody knows she's having the same boring one-way conversation at both sites and you gotta hand it to her pretending she wasn't there before because she couldn't register! LMFAO! You just know she couldn't handle seeing the E skeptics having their asses handed to them every day. The best part is it backfired because Mimosa thinks she calls the shot on the direction of the thread. Well that direction is NOWHERE! It slays me every day the reactions that come out of The Rottweiler when Nicole does things like UNIFEM events, Sesame Street, and fosters film discussion about her movies like Birth! Oh the karma! Nicole has a fun and fulfilling life and Mimosa sits there like a lump! You couldn't plan a better outcome. What do they say, the best revenge is living well? Nicole bought her kids but they end up looking exactly like her and Keith! Keith was destined for casinos and backup bands and he's still a superstar and on par with his peers! Nicole is despised in Hollywood but she got another Oscar nomination, she's spoiled for choice concerning projects, and she's got enough clout to maintain her own production company. Life is good for the Urbans and the little ones! Sorry if this is a little long but I couldn't pass up the chance to share the joy. Thank you Skewermistress for still being here in your own way. We appreciate it, we really do!

Anonymous said...

The truth always comes out with these fools. I have to mention Forehead Anna who said her purpose for her blog was a study of the negative influence celebrity on culture. Her blog goes away and guess where she shows up! Umyths! If that's not enough she's there just to make fun of Nicole. She never had any intention of making her blog an intellectual site. Some of us knew that on instinct but the messages she's posted around the web with her real name gave her away. As we all know by now the skeptics are their own worst enemy! BA- freakin-HA-HA-HA!

kufannk said...

Thank you for this place of sanity.

Jada said...

Hugs to you for keeping the blog online despite the haters efforts to discredit and dismantle it. We all know the truth and they do too.

Karma In Action said...

Gratitude to the person sharing the link on Jared. Karma In Action!

BamaBabe said...

Mimosa didn't know anything about Amanda until she showed her ugly face and now Mimosa thinks the only other girls in Keith's life were "Amanda and party girls like her". I don't know where that puts Alecia Davis who Brad Schmitt outed as Keith's ex in his old Tennessean column. Mimosa doesn't know squat but she talks like she's the only one who knows the whole truth. Do I think there was a brunette? Well, I remember reading in the Nashville section of the Velvet Rope about a music row worker dating Keith long before Nicole and a posted picture of Keith and a dark haired girl together at the Country Radio seminar so yeah, I do think he probably dated a brunette. Probably a few blonds and redheads too. I don't think it's Stephanie/tattler/Madison/AmericanWoman or anybody else who tells a bunch of strangers about it on a message board though amd I don't think Keith's neighbor finds her way on a skeptic board either(redjasper, leery). I don't think he was ever the lonely barefoot poet Mimosa makes him out to be and a don't think Jimmy Wayne is either for that matter. Mimosa makes up romantic stories in her head and doesn't like them disturbed. Bahaha. I am enjoying the dumb and dumber fights about it all though and I laughed out loud at Sue/nomorefan comment about Nicole going to the CMA's with her tits hanging out. I think we all remember the picture of Sue at Keith's concert.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting again! I do read the E negative thread for a good laugh. Those people are so sick and twisted. I just don't get why it is allowed to stay online. It certainly can't be considered gossip

SkewerMistress said...

Well BamaBabe we can't forget that the skeptics found their way onto The Rope after being kicked out of a few places so every site that they infested or they say is trustworthy is to be taken with a grain of salt. Make that a gigantic Minnesota salt lick! I think we can all agree that Keith dated more women than just Laura, Niki, and Nicole. But any woman the skeptics repeatedly said existed was for the sole purpose of propping up the contract myth and the myth that Keith was pining away for his one true love. In a righteous wold Keith would not leave, but unceremoniously dump Nicole on the side of the road for her. Some are still peddling that swill online as evidenced by the first post from Anonymous. Others say that Keith has the hots for every famous woman he's seen with, from Alicia Keys to Carrie Underwood. Can you say desperate and pathetic?

BamaBabe said...

Yes Mistress, I do agree with you on that. I don't buy the 'one true love' story either. As for the Rope, this was before there was such a thing as a skeptic. But it wouldn't surprise me if they ran with it after the fact.They were looking for anything to make the relationship not real. Bring in some lunatic with a sob story and they jumped on it. Yeah he's also had the hots for Jennifer Nettles, Sarah Burton and Sheryl Crow too, hasn't he? Bahaha. Yet he's about to celebrate his 5th wedding anniversary with Nicole and his 2 daughters. Life goes on for everyone except the few remaining skeptics.

Mimosa Swallows said...

Oh hell that's totally taralea, SM. I don't know if he dated a brunette or not taralea kept the cheating rumors going. She told another skeptic she does it to give people hope. Here's the thing about the skeptics; they know taralea has no sources, they know stephanie didn't date keith, they know oh leery doesn't know Keith and is whack as hell but they associate with them anyway. NORMAL people don't pat them on the head. NORMAL people say "go away, you're crazy". NORMAL people don't like to be scammed. But the skeptics let them blab on with their lies and laugh about it behind their backs. Now Mimosa is trying to make herself legit by reprimanding others for going over the top. The same Mimosa who calls Nicole a pedophile. Too late for that, sucker. Anybody who still posts on the negative thread is as crazy as oh leery cause any NORMAL person would have left a long time ago.

It's a fact jack! said...

A public service announcement to no one in particular....

It is a fact that RedJasper is Oh So Leery, I'm Still Leery, and the many other personalities she's been using online. She's been doing it for years. Look up Red's history you'll see she's a serial offender. It's the same stupid tactic posting back to back posts under different usernames. They are all her.


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Re: Nicole stands by Keith
Posted: Nov 30, 2006 4:13 PM in response to: gypsyslipper in response to: gypsyslipper

I guess keith is writing her main script now; no wonder he’s exhausted…BTW, I don't think her being an actress has ANYTHING to do with ANYTHING.

no I don't believe it does either.. there are plenty of actresses that don't act like her!!! she's just a Geehovely nut!!! Personally I see signs where she needs a mental health clinic stat!!!! And the signs I have seen appear everytime she opens her blame blow hole!!!!


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Re: Nicole stands by Keith
Posted: Nov 30, 2006 4:15 PM in response to: gypsyslipper in response to: gypsyslipper

I think Ms.Kidman needs a man to have an identity. Or a role to play. Now pondering this, I have come up with the only solution I can see. Get her into the soaps so she is on the set every day and then---- RUN KU!!!! RUN!!!! (giggles))))))))))))))

SkewerMistress said...

Does anyone know what a Geehovely nut is?

Thanks jack!

Sweet Thing said...

Leery is definitely RedJasper. Jasper said she was Keith's neighbor. That Keith asked her husband to pick up his mail while he was on tour. (as if) She said Keith bought a house for the brunette who had 2 kids and those kids played with Niki Taylor's kids. (as if) She said the brunette had a dragon tattoo (which was probably the book she was reading at the time) and was with Keith on the Bahama trip and also backstage at the Opry show with her 2 kids for the Katrina benefit (as if).

Oh leery's first post said:

"But I am really just an observer that has no inside information at all. When I want to know what is going on I come to these boards and pick up tidbits."

A few months later she said:

"First-- KU told me personally that he couldn't have children and why. What actually happened to him. He contracted diphtheria at the age of four. He was almost through with that and it did almost take his life he contracted either the mumps or german measles. I have to say it that way b/c I thought it was mumps but another person that was privy to this information said he said it was german measles. Since I'm the way older one I will concede to a younger memory."

Real sicko.

But actually I would like to thank Oh Leery for singlehandedly killing the skeptics. And I would like to thank MacLen for singlehandedly killing the Urban Myth blog. Thanks psychos!

SkewerMistress said...

Thanks Sweet Thing for filling in more of the blanks! Nail on head regarding maclen and ISL. No amount of hitting and running from Taralea can fix their daily blunders.

Anonymous said...

Can't have children because of diptheria and mumps? I hadn't read that one.... that is hilarious. They still won't admit that Sunday is the "spitting image" of Keith.

SkewerMistress said...

That was several years ago now. Loony Leery all of a sudden posted a laundry list of "revelations" that according to her came directly from Keith's mouth seeing as she was his confidante in Nashville! This was of course after she said she wasn't a fan and then was a fan, then it turns out she's in his inner circle. Keith is sterile from a childhood disease. Keith made up all the anecdotes about his family in order to sell records. Keith's mother is a Catholic and they went to church together in Nashville. Keith shared stories with her about Australia. She made all these claims and the skeptics stayed silent while posters who still had a brain told her she was lying. To top it off she posts as if she can't speak proper English. Her fake old-timey down home simpleton persona she's been selling on E makes you want to gag. All she needs to do is start quoting Bible verses like goodread-New Beginnings used to do and the circle of hypocrisy and stupidity will be complete!

All making sense said...

Read the archives.


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Re: i should have started an FU Nicole Kidman thread..
Posted: Oct 23, 2006 8:31 PM in response to: munkin211 Reply

as soon as i locate that bus driver that is willing to carry out my evil deed..i will let you all know..(grin)

From Oh"So"Leery

Of course if he happens to get hit by a bus I wouldn't shed a tear!! I only hope my bus wouldn't be to damaged!! (giggles)))

Cheyenne had a comment for every post like Leery. Cheyenne is Stephanie's alcoholic friend. Everybody knows Stephanies story; supposedly a married mother of 2 kids who left them to move to Nashville to be with Keith after he spent 3 minutes with her in the back of a bus. She shows up at a fanclub party dressed like a cowboy but he leaves with his mom and some other chick he was seeing at the time (brunette?) Stephanie finds a skeptic board, becomes this mysterious brunette everyone is talking about and feeds it to Cheyenne. I'm guessing the story about Keith buying a house for a brunette with 2 kids came from her and gets pushed by Cheyenne, who is probably also Jasper and Leery. That would make Stephanie/tattler/americanwoman now Madison.

All making sense said...

We can't forget Stephanie's tearjearker post about her ongoing affair with Keith:

First of all, Keith looked tired but good. It was arranged that we meet at the venue and I gotta admit I didnt know what to expect at all. But then all of a sudden there he was holding out his arms and smileing at me. It is a moment that I will never forget. There were some tender moments and we hugged. He sounded congested and a bit hoarse and told me he was sick. And that he thought he had caught it on his flight in from Australia where he went to see his Wife. At the mention of his Wife, I asked him "How is that going? " and laughed. He got this great big smile on his face and said- and I quote, " It`s going " And he laughed. I thought that was a funny thing to say and I said ( smart ass that I am) " going where? " He just laughed again. He looked good I gotta say. His eyes were clear and just as I had remembered them. He was sick but looking healthy- if that makes any sense?

We talked about Why I left Nashville and how hard it was for me, He got philisophical on me several times. He said that he missed me, and other personal things that brought tears to my eyes. He kept his arm around me and held onto my hand the whole time. Personal observations while he was close: His thights were larger and very hard, his butt is bigger but not in a bad way. No manboobs anymore, trim tummy, he was Keith- but he looked like he had aged about 10 years in two years. I could tell that when he was close he was holding back. I think he had decided in his mind not to cheat on his Wife. I asked him about rehab and he told me that he almost died. ( there ya go ) He got really emotional and started to cry which just about killed me inside. He was all choked up and all stuffed up and all I could think was, this poor guy has been through the ringer. It was quite a moment let me tell ya. He explained that he wants to be happy- and that he didnt really know what that meant. That he had always longed for it but never knew how to acheive it. He did all but admit that he suffered some sort of mental breakdown. I asked what he meant by almost dieing and he looked down and didnt want to answer me. I didnt push him,Though something inside me knew. He said that his Wife stood by him and didnt leave him when he screwed up and that he really didnt think she would stick around. ( He never said Nic, Nicole, not once while we talked- he called her his Wife) He told me he would like me to meet His Wife sometime. And I started laughing at him. " yeah, I dont think she would want to meet me Keith" And he laughed and said, " Yeah she would - she would lkie you" Inside I cringed and was thinking all of the names that we have called her. Pez, Botoxia, Noko, ect... Anyways, I dont think so.

All making sense said...


He was very genuine and seemed to me was being very honest. He didnt seem to be acting at all. And I was being skeptical in my brain. I asked him if he was happy and he replied that " He was working on it" and he didnt laugh. He looked at me dead on. We talked more about what happened in Nashvile between us and he said that " Everything happens for a reason and that nothing is what it appears." Funny because that is something that I say all the time- I have even said it on E. He told me that he never thought that this would be the path that he took in marrying who he did. And that he really missed me when I left - and why didnt I try harder to come back? I didnt know what to say. I told him that after I got back I found out WHO he was dating and knew that I could never compete with all of that. He looked sad and really serious and assured me that I could have. ( but I knew that I couldnt have) He said that things moved really fast with his Wife. ( not Nicole- his Wife) I thought, how strange to always call her his Wife. Isnt it? I told him some really personal things that I wont repeat here. I told him that I was glad that he didnt die. ( and I was getting all emotional on him)

I told him that I thought that I was pregnant after I got home. He looked concerned and asked " Was I?" I told him No- just late. He didnt look releaved that I wasnt- like most guys would. He just looked sad. And he was there for me. There were some funny moments when we talked about the E board and he cracked me up. I asked him What kind of cookie he thought he was? And he roared with laughter. We decided he was more of a SMORE. LOL He liked that.

We were together about 2 hours and then somebody knocked on the door and summoned him. He said he didnt want to go but had to. That this was a big tour and that he always had something to do or to check. I felt like I was going to cry at this point and he looked like he really didnt want to go at all. We hugged and we had a small but tender kiss. He made sure that my number was still correct. I told him that if he ever wanted or needed to talk to call me. He looked touched and surprised that I said it and assured me that he just might. He told me to be try and be happy and some other things....... I smiled and he told me he missed that when I left. Then there was another knock and he really did have to go. Another quick hug and he asked where I was sitting- and he was whisked away. I went straight to my car and had a good cry.

Sorry, one more thing said...

Love how tattler edits her post with another username like Leery and Jakra. Bahahaha!


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Posted: May 19, 2006 12:50 PM Reply

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Anonymous said...

The shit is about to hit the fan. Jake Owen has told the media he went to a dinner party given by Keith and Nicole. Really nice words about them both. Also guests: Kenny Chesney, Reba McEntire, Sheryl Crow. Skeptics are already spinning it as an event that never happened. Holy hell, these numbskulls haven't been able to deal with Nashville accepting Nicole since Monty Powell went to Keith's for a lamb roast lunch 5 years ago and Nicole greeted him at the door. BAHAHAHAHA!

SkewerMistress said...

Thank you All making sense and Anon. Bits and pieces of Stephanie's story leaked to others not around then and JB had posted the story on her blog.

To Anon, I'm certain the skeptics are just livid. Jake Owen, after the release of his first album, was a pawn by the skeptics. He was one of several male artists (only male of course) who nomorefan and others insisted was going to steal Keith's career away from him. Well, none of those male artists have done so. 5 years later Jake is still an opening act on larger tours and who admitted in an interview that going it alone in his career was not the way to go despite what inept skeptic maclen says qualifies for true talent. So Jake Owen who is on the verge of breaking through embarrasses the E skeptics and Urban Myths' maclen all in one week!

Quotes from Jake Owen

I recorded 11 songs, and I didn’t write 10 of them. But I’m so excited about it. For the first time in my life, I’ve included Nashville as a town of songwriters into my project, and I have so many more people waving my flag now and wishing me the best of luck. Before, nobody had that much of an invested interest in what I did. I’ve kind of come to realize … I’ve become good friends with Kenny Chesney throughout the years because we’re on the same management company, and I’ve been able to watch his shows out on the road and be an opening act for him. I’ve constantly noticed that Kenny doesn’t have a party like that out there without inviting a bunch of people to the party, and it’s hard to have a party when you exclude everybody else. I’m getting ready to bring everybody to the party.

"What I love about Keith is that he reminds me a lot of Vince Gill in a way, where Vince has become this ambassador for country music, and he's such a classic icon in our format," the Florida native adds. "Keith has taken upon this role, and to make me feel the way I felt lately, and to take time out of his 30-minute set tonight to take four-and-a-half minutes to use one of my songs, truly shows the kind of guy he is and how much he's really putting into his craft and including me as camaraderie on this upcoming tour all summer."

Jake and Keith have been getting to know each other on a more personal level recently. "I've been hesitant to talk about it, because I didn't know if it was something Keith wanted to keep private or not, because it's been hard for me to not talk about it," he admits. "The reason I will talk about this is [because of] how classy Keith is, as well as Nicole.

Skeptics please continue to say the dinner party never happened. That's your response to everything nowadays. The details always come out later. Remember Italy?!

BamaBabe said...

Yeah, I guess Jake Owen is a liar now too, paid off by Kidman just like Ronnie Dunn, Reba, Dolly, Sheryl Crow, Kim Paisley, Katie Cook, every tweeter and the entire staff at Baptist Hospital.

Cheyenne and the Leerys do sound like the same person. IF that story about Stephanie is true, it's very sad because one moment with Keith has defined her whole life. That one moment is more important to her than the birth of her children. I only hope the father has custody of those kids because she's a classic paranoid schizophrenic. She thinks he's being paid to stay, neither child is his, they don't live together, every picture is a setup, anybody who says anything nice about them is paid off. I doubt she knows what's real anymore and it certainly isn't helping that her best friend is an alcoholic and egging her on. She's wasted six years in her message boards fantasy world while her own children are now six years older and wishing they had a mother.

BamaBabe said...

I just read the archive that All Making Sense pointed out. Stephanie deleted her post but it sounds like she confessed to being kicked off boards way back then.


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Posted: May 19, 2006 1:12 PM in response to: oldhickory Reply

okaaaay....step away from the ledge now...you are joking right? that kind of feeling about keith isn't normal imho and isn't even true...i reckon (and again, only my humble opinion) that he'd ask you to back off and just realize he's cool, so you be cool...truly, the both of you - this is what stalking/obsession sounds like


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Posted: May 19, 2006 1:49 PM in response to: tattler Reply

Is this for real? I feel like I'm being Punk'd

also, why edit your post and take out the part that admits you were kicked off other message boards for going overboard with your KU antics?

I'm not sure if you know this, but KU is never going to see this desperate plea for him to get help. but whatever gets you through the day.

The rest of the skeptics only contributed to her delusions. Somebody should have stepped up everytime she, cheyenne, taralea and their many usernames wrote something outrageous and untrue. Mimosa is just as delusional. Saying the dinner party never happened in one breath while reprimanding the others for making up things in the other shows she's as sick as the rest.

Hitting a nerve said...

SM you covered all the bases and Sue is already on the warpath! Love it!


Posted: Jun 13, 2011 6:21 PM in response to: Mimosa in response to: Mimosa

You are right - the intimate dinner didn't happen because it isn't intimate when you cater in the entire meal. What do you say to the lady of the house who can't cook a meal on her own for her guests?

Did the restaurant recommend this salad with the main course?

You did a nice job of selecting the portions for this meal.

Would the restaurant share this recipe on the web site?

The restaurant did a great job of serving the food hot and fresh.

Oh great - take-out boxes for the leftovers!

Anybody else find it strange that up until the past recent days, Jake Owen never had any contact with Mr. Nicole Kidman? I mean it has been known for months that Jake would be touring with him, so once it was a done deal, don't you think the headliner would get in touch with his opening act and welcome him to the tour personally? Also, for as long as both have been in the business, isn't it odd that they never introduced themselves and had a conversation at one of the many previous awards shows? How much does Mr. Nicole Kidman segregate himself from the little people in the last five or so years?

I'd say it was pretty convenient of Mr. Nicole Kidman to get in touch with Jake just days prior to his performance at LP Field. This was worth a load of marketing to promote his tour that hasn't started yet.

I thought Mr. Nicole Kidman was a hypocrite for singing Jake's song - if you listen to the actual words of the song, and if it were Mr. Nicole Kidman and Jake battling over this song on The Voice. Jake would walk away the winner!

Anonymous said...

First off, is that chick for real? I don't even know her and that affair post sounds completely made up. Who would talk about what kind of cookie he is with him? What group of idiots would believe that stuff? Oh yeah, the skeptics. Go ahead and not believe a dinner party happened or Nic faked her pregnancy but do believe the chick who talks about the E board with Keith. Nutjobs and a ba ha ha.

a2z said...

Let's give credit where credit is due - to you SkewerMistress!


All of us remember Italy! And it's too bad Loony Bin Leery is getting her supposed inside information about KU's eating habits from an old Country Weekly article. He said he likes BBQ chicken and Hawaiian pizza. She thinks that qualifies as "Keith hates Italian". Effing moron!

Duh said...

As long as we're talking multiple personalities maclen is worth another look. These women are the biggest dummies posting on every board known to man. You can tell who they are a mile away! maclen is talking with Leery, nomorefan, cricket. It's all the same nuts!


She's not a skeptic. BAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

SkewerMistress said...

Duh the maclen we know today is a complete put-on which by the way wasn't cultivated until months after Urban Myths began. One can assume that this was done as a way to separate herself from the other skeptics, to rise above the 3 years of baggage and the reputations as liars they made for themselves. I still believe that maclen is not just a Myths poster for the simple facts that she so easily lies so she's prime skeptic blog material, Urban Myths the supposed owner of the blog posts once in a blue moon with no substance, and that maclen is allowed to bully people who post the truth even though comment moderation was put into place because the skeptics were called out as liars. It makes you wonder how many comments Myths has received that they haven't published. And unfortunately Urban Myths won't be shut down because unlike Forehead Anna, maclen has not posted personal information giving away who she is. maclen may have been all over the net pre-Myths but Anna posted anti-Nicole comments for years using her full real name, and then after starting her blog posted links to it on other sites. Not too smart.

a2z there's not much more to say on Leery except it's so typically pathetic.

Anon it goes back to the realization for those who don't know them personally that much of what the skeptics post and continue to post they don't believe and never have believed. They post it because they can or they'll use it to spin something else. Like Mimosa...it's the other people who are crazy and delusional. But not me. I'll admit they are lying in order to make myself look sane. Well it ain't working Mimosa!

Hitting a nerve Sue is a broken record. Has been from day one. We could all write her posts for her. Of course the same could be said for everyone who is left on Myths and E

BamaBabe one way or another they are all mentally ill.

Anonymous said...

More old Leery. Wow.


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i should have started an FU Nicole Kidman thread..
Posted: Oct 23, 2006 8:00 PM Reply

i have been accused of being a "hater"..i denounced that personaly..initially i really didn't hate her..i strongly disliked her..but i didn't hate..

THAT WAS THEN ............THIS IS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I HATE THE *ITCH...........

God help him.i hope he entered re-hab for himself..if he didn't...it is not going to stick...adicts cannot be fixed..

i know..i am an adddict..drug of choice.................alcohol

all of you self righteoas..or holier than thou people want to chime in...go right ahead...

Nicole Kidman is a cold hearted +itch..her new husband ..after 4 months of "blissfull" marriage..is now in rehab..and she'sseen attending movies with frinds in califoria..

i honest to god hope to meet her in ****..and i hope that the devil let's me have my way with her.,.

call me psycho..i expect it..and i do not care...simple as that..and bottom line....let the bashing begin..because yes ido wish the * itch dead..

literaly or figuitively

Mimosa Swallows said...

Pretty hilarious that nomorefan/nkkids4sale/ihateher/lynchher is chirping about multiple usernames on E.

I still remember nkkids4sale telling nomorefan that she was her new best friend.


Anonymous said...

It does crack me up to think they believe Nicole is capable of successfully staging her marriage, her pregnancy and her dinner parties but yet can't act her way out of a paper bag. Think she has no friends yet can pay off famous people to say she is one. Think she and an entire hospital faked her pregnancy but believe some stranger claiming to be his real true love. The same stranger whos gone from board to board bashing him for 6 years. What started as a group of people who didn't believe every piece of fluff turned into a few delusional freaks who refuse to believe anything except the voices inside their screwed up heads.

Anonymous said...

They think know Keith from old interviews! I guess if that's all you have you beat it like a dead horse. They say Keith is cheap so he would never buy Nicole anything nice? Their source is a 7 year old interview where Keith said he haggled with a car dealer over price.

I do have a funny story it's so hard to believe but it is true. I met a fan at a Keith concert. I don't know if this woman turned into a skeptic later, still is obsessed with Keith or what but this was 2005. She told me that she was soul mates with Keith because he said in a magazine that he didn't like olives. She loves olives and thought that made them the perfect match. Ying and yang. Into horoscopes too. Whatever. I forget all about it because if you are a regular at country shows you run into a nut or two lusting after the male talent. Months later I'm watching a How I Met Your Mother rerun and it's all about two of the main characters thinking they are perfect for each other because one of them likes olives and the other one doesn't. I realized that is where this woman got the idea in her head. I really hope she got her life straightened out!

The whole scary thing said...

Cheyennne the drunk (Leery) says Nicole needs to fall off the Sydney bridge and find a bus driver to kill her off. Other skeptics egg her on.



Skewer did you mean givethanks when you said goodread? I hope so.

Anonymous said...

Funny story, Anon. That must be why they all think they're Keith's soulmate; they hate Nicole and he loves her. Baaaha

Anonymous said...

Have y'all noticed the NOW ISL has again changed her personality? Now she uses big words and lost her old timer ways. lol
Like she got modernized over night. lol
She is reinvented, smart, intelligent, LOL, and in tune with the ways of Nashville publicity etc. (and ofcourse everything else, even movies )

But everyday Taralea trys to step on her. Very funny!

Anonymous said...

Almost every name posting is HNR . Most of the "screen names" are her.

Anonymous said...


check it out

Anonymous said...

This may have been clarified before but I haven't seen it..so I'll ask-
Who is MyChemicalRomance from E Board a few years back? She got banned because she was such a nasty, rude B...but I figure she came back under another name. Anyone know what that is??

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