June 19, 2011

June & July: A Celebration

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In these two months we have so much to celebrate!

June 19 - Happy Father's Day Keith!

June 20 - Happy Birthday Nicole!

June 25 - Keith and Nicole's 5th Wedding Anniversary!
Congratulations you two!

June 28 - Faith Margaret will be 6 months!

July 7 - Happy Birthday Sunday Rose!

In honor of all their joy and in thanks to the STS readers and fans who have stuck by the new incarnation of this blog, here's a special treat - a solo acoustic version of "Without You" by Keith. The song that expresses all of what he and his family mean to each other. The Urbans are definitely blessed.


THANK_YOU said...

Thanks SM. The Urban family is blessed indeed.

yes said...

Thought you would enjoy this.


Cheers for keeping the blog available!

Sweet Thing said...

Aw, great photo! I'm cracking up at nomorefan ranting about Keith's keychain. Count up CDs, merchandise, Monkeyville memberships, travel expenses, concert clothes, hotels, food and drinks (LOTS of drinks) and she's spent more on Keith Urban! Bahahaha! How much waste is 6 years of hate on a message board? She could spent 5% and still have 95% of attention to give to her kids.

Been There Heard That said...

This is hilarious! Which rant or rave really is irrelevant compared to the other subjects at hand? I'm laughing that someone would actually defend Bachmann as well, but hey at least it is about politics versus some retaliation over a concert review!

Says the nitwit who has devoted 6 years of her life to hating two people and two innocent children she doesn't know, pitting Keith's family and other country artists against them, lying about Nicole's family, copying and pasting thousands of pages of gossip site nonsense, lifting photos and articles from fansites as if she found them herself, trolling message boards with Michele and leaving hateful posts. using trips to Nashville as a way to pretend she's an insider.BAHAHAHAHA! Sue is a complete model for sanity! NOT!

Thanks SM!

BamaBabe said...

Look the word 'hypocrite' up in the dictionary and Nomorefan's face will be there, that is for sure.

@Sweet Thing; I thought the same. Time is more valuable than money. Ask anybody on their death bed. Sure he could have gone to Claires where Sue shops for a cheaper keychain but the waste isn't the sentimental piece encraved with names of people he loves and cherishes. It's the minutes and hours and years of time spent hating two people she doesn't know and will never know. That's time she'll never get back and there's no doubt in my mind that someday when old Sue is lying there about to kick the bucket, she'll be thinking about the time she wasted in her life, not the money somebody else wasted.

Anonymous said...

If Sue had put 6 years of effort into an exercise program instead of Keith and Nicole, she'd look less like Jabba the Hut today.



SkewerMistress said...

Finally had time to respond ....

BamaBabe I'm quite certain the women left like Silly Sue, Loony Lips, Enabler MADISON, Pitbull Mimosa and Inept Maclen are so far gone they would be reveling in what they did online on their death beds. Let's face it, when you are telling everyone that you are going to see your obsession's wife in hell, foster a co-dependent relationship so that that same person comes back to make more death threats, make up lies about newborns, invent your own past in order to seem like an expert, blindly accuse someone of pedophilia, and 1000 other disgusting things, you are a lost cause. For the rest of us it is a fact that not everyone gets a death bed. What they've done for 6 years is a lesson to everyone else that you don't live your life like a skeptic. There's no payoff except in their own twisted minds. They are all going to have a big task ahead explaining their behavior to the Big Guy upstairs. And of course the ironic thing is most of them claim to be good old-fashioned God-fearing "folk" who represent the real America. The latest comment I received and immediately deleted was from one of the skeptics mentioned above and they made it blatantly clear it was them, as if we all didn't know they came here on a daily basis. None of the skeptics left will stop what they are doing on their own and they like it that way.

Sweet Thing said...

"I bet it's the overweight, middle-aged obsessed women, who continue to follow him all over the country, who are sitting up front now, thinking they FINALLY have a chance with him. bahahahaha" - YourScaringMe

While the overweight, middle-aged obsessed women, who continue to follow him daily all over the internet, and used to think they had a chance with him can be found on the Negative Thread. bahahahaha


THANK_YOU said...

BINGO! The lying and the cruelty is their way of life. They've built up the charade so long they don't know anything else. They can't stop themselves. Your base motivations for doing anything come from either fear or love. Skeptics are so afraid that life aka Keith is passing them by they want to tear down what they can't have. They enjoy the pain. You gotta think the posters left on the negative thread all feel the way Cheyenne does: See me in hell because I don't care what happens in this life. It's no surprise the different incarnations of Cheyenne as Leery are so delusional. She posted the hell comment 5 years ago, two days after Keith and Nicole married. I think if we saw what went on in the skeptics' day to day lives they would prove to be more messed up than we could ever imagine.

SkewerMistress said...

You are absolutely right THANK YOU. They can't stay away as evidenced by the messages and threats and gotchas they've sent here which are all hateful, meaningless, and incorrect. They don't have a clue how many people know what they've done and that was BEFORE this blog came along. The new posters of the past couple of years are really old posters with new usernames. They've had plenty of time to jump ship and move on but they are delusional and in some cases unhinged, like the skeptic today who compared this blog to their game playing. Thanks for the admission by the way! Maybe they were ill before Keith came on the scene and his success set them off. What they do online seems to fuel them, gives them a false purpose to their lives. Especially for someone like Cheyenne/Leery or Sue/nomorefan there is a feeling you get reading their posts that they can sleep at night knowing they have bashed Keith and Nicole enough for the day or that their post is on the top of E's main page. The hate is everything to them.

BamaBabe said...

Others have said it before but I'll say it again; it's an addiction. Sue and company's had a second coming when they discovered Keith and each other. They found common ground in talking about him and traveling to see him. He made them feel young again and excited about life. He made their humdrum world as wives and mothers in middle America disappear each time they got together on a fanboard to talk about him. Nicole was a slap into reality. The fun of pretending was gone. She forced them to look in the mirror and see they were still wives and mothers in Nowhereland and always will be. They resent her because she took away that feeling of living again. I know because I've talked to a lot of fans through the years, way before Nicole came into the picture. Some fans were disappointed with his choice but it didn't change the way they felt about him and it didn't affect their life. The group on Myths and the E board took it very hard. They took it personally. To let it go, even the ugliness, would mean they're back to nothing. This IS their excitement in life.

That group is devoted to destroying, to hate, to ugliness and if that's not sad enough, the two people it's directed to aren't affected by any of it. They don't care. In the last five years they've made movies and music, traveled the world, and made two beautiful children. They don't care what anybody says or what anybody thinks. Hater's won't destroy them or their careers. The only thing that will be destroyed is the hater's own life, in one way or another. Because they're afraid to live it.

Mimosa Swallows said...

Nail on head, Bama Babe. Normal people move on when they don't like an artist anymore. This is something WAY more than that. Seriously, who devotes years of their life to bashing a celebrity? People with no life, that's who. They're addicted to Nic and Keith's life. They can't stop cause they don't have anything else to give them a thrill.

I agree with anon above and recommend an exercise program. They should start now so when Nic and Keith's 10th anniversary rolls around, they'll at least be skinny old bitches. Bahahaha

Anonymous said...

Girl, when you gonna give us a place to discuss??? More blogs!

Anonymous said...


Please read the comments. These fake names are mostly all used by HNR...

What the sdlott and the sdhale1 are is anyones guess!!

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