August 15, 2012

More August Keith Urban Nicole Kidman Updates!

Keith's episode of Yahoo's "Going Home" series is up. Watch below to see some of Keith's favorite things about Nashville and history with his adopted hometown!

Variety is reporting that Tim Roth has been cast as Prince Rainier in Grace of Monaco as well as Frank Langella as the priest who sets up Rainier with Grace.

Another tidbit from the set of Nicole's The Paperboy. Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly .


In director Lee Daniels' first film since Precious, Nicole Kidman plays an unhinged sexpot who entices a journalist (Matthew McConaughey) and his brother (Zac Efron) to help free her pen pal (John Cusack) from death row. Daniels initially had jitters about directing Kidman, but realized the A-lister was game for almost anything — including on-camera lovemaking and an already notorious scene in which she urinates on Efron to treat a jellyfish sting. But the actress drew the line at saying the N-word. "I complained about it," says Daniels, "but my producer said, 'She just finished getting bent over a pink washing machine, she's peeing...give the girl a break!'

And fans have been taking photos with our favorite couple. An aspiring Nashville musician took a photo while jamming and talking with Keith.

Another fan snapped a photo of Nicole on her flight home from Paris.


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