August 20, 2012

RIP Tony Scott

It is with great sadness that we post the news of director and producer Tony Scott's death. He was a man who was beloved in Hollywood and worked with so many in his long career. He directed Nicole in her first American film, Days of Thunder. Later in the 2000's they were planning on teaming up again as director and star of Emma's War about an aid worker in Sudan but the film never happened. Scott was a man who described directing as the most exciting endeavor he could take on and loved creating suspenseful action movies without the flash and sizzle of cgi technology.

Along with his brother Ridley, Scott produced many projects including one of this blog's favorite tv shows, The Good Wife. The Scotts are executive producers for Nicole's upcoming films Stoker and Before I Go to Sleep.

As with the recent death of Nora Ephron, we hope Scott has found peace beyond this world. He will be missed.

"I'm so so sad. I loved Tony and he was always so good to me. He will be deeply missed by so many of us that knew him." - Nicole Kidman

And because I was away when Ms. Ephron passed here's Nicole's quote about this fantastic lady.

“I am so grateful that she was my friend and we had the opportunity to work together. My thoughts and love are with her family at this time. I will never forget the dinners, games and laughter we all shared.” - Nicole Kidman

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