August 21, 2012

Nicole Kidman to be Honored at

2012 NYFF Gala

Congratulations to Nicole - she's being honored at the 50th NYFF on October 3rd. These types of galas are to honor those who have made significant artistic acheivement. The Paperboy will also be screened at the festival.

From Richard Pena, longtime director of NYFF -

“Nicole Kidman is one of film’s finest contemporary actresses. Since her breakthrough performance in TO DIE FOR and her bold and provocative appearances in Lars Von Trier’s DOGVILLE, Stanley Kubrick’s EYES WIDE SHUT, as well as her awarding-winning portrayal of Virginia Woolf in Stephen Daldry’s THE HOURS, Kidman has insisted on finding roles that are complex, bold and demanding. We are excited to honor her with a tribute at the New York Film Festival.”

The evening will include an on stage conversation with Nicole, much like the Santa Barbara tribute. Nicole is among a select group of artists, including the NYFF director, to be honored in this way. Normally the Film Society of Lincoln Center holds the event outside of the festival. Congrats again to Nicole!

• 2012 Catherine Deneuve • 2011 Sidney Poitier • 2010 Michael Douglas • 2009 Tom Hanks • 2008 Meryl Streep • 2007 Diane Keaton • 2006 Jessica Lange • 2005 Dustin Hoffman • 2004 Michael Caine • 2003 Susan Sarandon • 2002 Francis Ford Coppola • 2001 Jane Fonda • 2000 Al Pacino • 1999 Mike Nichols • 1998 Martin Scorsese • 1997 Sean Connery • 1996 Clint Eastwood • 1995 Shirley MacLaine • 1994 Robert Altman • 1993 Jack Lemmon • 1992 Gregory Peck • 1991 Audrey Hepburn • 1990 James Stewart • 1989 Bette Davis • 1988 Yves Montand • 1987 Alec Guinness • 1986 Elizabeth Taylor • 1985 Federico Fellini • 1984 Claudette Colbert • 1983 Laurence Olivier • 1982 Billy Wilder • 1981 Barbara Stanwyck • 1980 John Huston • 1979 Bob Hope • 1978 George Cukor • 1975 Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman • 1974 Alfred Hitchcock • 1973 Fred Astaire • 1972 Charles Chaplin


skankyoldwhore said...

Fantastic :).

Has anyone checked to make sure the idiots' world has not imploded from this news? lol

SkewerMistress said...

Don't worry, they still think Capitol dropped Keith as an artist on their roster. They have no clue about anything! LOL

Sweet Thing said...

Nope, they sure don't. I'm laughing at them trying to make sense of the V magazine article. I said a long time ago, the more you let them blabber on about all they "know", the more they prove they don't know much at all. Bahaha!

Congrats on the honor, Nicole!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha SM. So true!

That is some pretty impressive actors that Nicole will be joining.

I am betting she is very honored indeed!

Thanks Sm. Great news.

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