August 23, 2012

Nicole Kidman Keith Urban Updates!

Nicole is on the cover of V Magazine, with a full article and fantastic "If Charlotte Bless Got To Do A Photoshoot" photospread.
Out of all the photos, these two are our favorites

You can read the article at this link.

Watch a behind the scenes video of the photo shoot.

Another great interview with Nicole from Hollywood Reporter

Keith has finally weighed in on the American Idol hoopla, which is exactly what we expected - AI doesn't know anything either! Keith is still moving forward with his original plans of making a new album and returning to The Voice. You can listen to Keith at the link!

Keith's been doing an east coast tour of Canada with opener Lindsay Ell. Here's a great photo of them embarking on their adventure.

Greg Carroll, one of Lindsay's musicians posted this after a show...

Finished of the Keith Urban run with a great show last nite in St Johns with Lindsay Ell. Hung out with Keith & his band last evening, Keith hugged me& I pretended it was Nicole Kidman

Keith also took time out to visit a teen in a local hospital who is recovering from a serious accident.

@kristyfisty4 @KeithUrban is absolutely amazing for taking the time to see Tyson MacDonald and his family at the hospital in Halifax. #unreal #greatman


Sweet Thing said...

Ok, I'm going to say it; I don't like the tushie showing picture. The rest not a problem. They look artsy. But the cover is like "Oh, hello." It doesn't offend me. After sitting through an entire season of John Lithgow's naked bootie on Dexter, no butt will ever offend me again. Haha. I'm hoping Keith doesn't end up on Idol. I'd rather see him mentor on the Voice.

SkewerMistress said...

No worries Sweet Thing! Expressing an opinion without trashing anybody is something mature adults do.

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