August 9, 2012

Skeptic OldHickory: Nashville Nobody

Ever wonder why OldHickory's "sources" come out of the closet with details after several days of tweets? We couldn't resist exposing her for the fraud she is with all of her sick and twisted comments regarding Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman's children and their parenting. She lies in wait for the tweets and then embellishes them with details made up in her own sick head. It's too bad she can't cope with the rest of the world knowing the truth.

OldHickory: They didn't interact. No lovey dovey. They pretty much kept several paces apart from each other. They certainly didn't act like most proud parents, look our little girl can get on the rides by herself, look let's take a photo of her on the carousel....there was none of that. Heck I've got photos of myself at 3 years old taken by my parents at the amusement park and the zoo.

Nor was there from the children the tugging on the parents' hand to hurry up and let's get to that ride or let's get that hot dog or win me a teddy bear. At least most kids I know they want to do it ALL RIGHT NOW LOL The excitement is palpable. It wasn't the case with these kids.

It seemed very blase.

Several people came up to say hello to Keith (not really a mob, but at least 3 different occasions) but nobody acknowledged Kidman. I love Nashville.

And don't ask me how I know, you'll just have to go with me on it. :-)

What do we see? Nicole and Keith took Sunday and one of her friends for a special day at the fair. They are a happy family. Faith is too young to be out at the fair in the heat and too small for the rides. They took Faith to Luna Park when it was better weather. Or maybe Faith had a playdate /birthday party of her own with her own friend. Or perhaps she's not feeling well. How appropriate is it for a couple to be kissy faced in front of a daughter's friend? Keith and Nicole talking. Keith and Nicole watching the girls on a ride. Sunday has friends. Too bad for the skeptics. From ALL sources no one was dissing Nicole and everyone was happy to see them or sorry they missed them.

Like this ticket seller and he friend!

holy moly! that is awesome! went on the wrong day dang it! were they incognito?
no, they looked so normal. Nicole was just beautiful and beaming with this big smile. And Keith was adorable!

or this!

Ahh! Omg!,were at the fair, was standing around the to a family, didn't even pay attention to the family..I hear an Australian accent..and look right next to me and Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban are right freaking next to me &,Jordan. They said hello when they seen me taking pictures of them!

Nicole's father was also hanging out with the Urbans. OldHickory is so dense she can't figure out he's not just "an old guy". Another myth busted - Nicole's parents dumped Nicole and her "charade family" after Faith was born.

So OldHickory, next time you want the skeptics or anyone else to take you seriously, consider placing your thoughts in the trash heap....right next to neverland/astilbe's dirt on Nicole she can't reveal. Or maybe stick them in the closet. You don't have spies following them around town, at church, at the Williamson County Fair. You kept your mouth shut about Las Paletas. Didn't know they existed or didn't want to admit the Urbans have places in town they frequent? The fact that you need to ask fellow skeptics to believe you says it all!


Anonymous said...

It turns your stomach to know there are grown women, parents themselves, wishing that a couple's kids are running around like ill-mannered monsters or worse, hoping for a mental or physical handicap.

God bless the Urbans. They are a beautiful family!

countrycat said...

I don't know what's sillier - oldhickory with eyes in the back of her head or the other skeptics saying Nicole lives in LA. How is oldhick confirming all these sightings if Nicole is never there? And how does oldhick have intel in Franklin when she wouldn't even know when or if The Urbans would be at the fair? None of it adds up but I agree SM she's using twitter as her source and pretending there's real people feeding her the info. She's dumb as a rock like all the others thinking she is fooling anyone and giving this false image that people talk and walk in that town like it's the Civil War era. Nomorefan said it best when she put her foot in her mouth - her cabbie didn't know who Keith was. There's plenty of people in Nashville who don't care and don't follow country music. Natives don't talk in cliches every 5 seconds like a bad movie. Celebrities don't get hounded by the public there so of course Keith wasn't mobbed at a fair in an upscale community.

BTW, Trust me she knows about Las paletas. Everybody who goes to Bongo Java knows. In fact the place was profiled on Food Network so the whole country knows. They reair everything they produce so if you watch the channel even a little bit you'll catch repeats.

Sadly the special needs talk won't end until Faith is walking by herself and talking - essentially what got them to stop about Sunday. They're stupid but they'll keep on trying with the lies about their ages. Faith is doing all the things Sunday was at that age like Gymboree and toddler music classes. They didn't take her everywhere when she was younger. They're doing the same thing with Faith.

Thanks for doing the update SM. I know you aren't back doing this kind of feature full time but the photos are much appreciated.

SkewerMistress said...

Agreed on all points readers. Thanks for continuing to follow the blog!

Anonymous said...

OLD Hic must have needed some attention! LMAO
What a fool that screen name is.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me but I thought the skeptics were kaput. Where are you reading this stuff? Please tell me E didn't reopen their message board. Old Hickory was a fool 7 years ago and nothing's changed. It became clear that she didn't know anything way back when someone confided that Keith was putting his house up for sale during his rehab and she said she knew for a fact he never would. Wishful thinking perhaps but turns out there was a LOT about Keith she didn't know. "Don't ask me how I know, you'll just have to go with me on it." That's the motto on the skeptic badge. Idiots.

SkewerMistress said...

E! has left the board open without moderation. Unless you already know the URL you can no longer access the boards. A few of the diehards including oldhickory and Leery are continuing to post there. However, there is a new message board that was created after the skeptics were kicked off the first one. It's on a completely different host with next to no visible online presence. Anyone can find the address if you know where to look but I won't give it out as free publicity. They won't be livening things up on that site as maclen claims and gaining supporters. The only thing that's happening is agreement on lies.
The few newbies there are multiple screen names claiming to be E! lurkers. Unfortunately for the skeptics they seem to have the same vocabulary, same speech patterns, same grammar mistakes as the regulars. Go figure.

skankyoldwhore said...

Thank you :). I would continue to find these idiots amusing, if they were not so pathetic! 7 YEARS and they are still on this no destination train. Pathetic and all these while the Urbans continue to be happy and successful in their lives.

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