August 6, 2012

August Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman Updates

The Urbans are back from the 2012 Olympics in London. Here's some tidbits for the next few months!

Keith is back in the studio. So far we've heard about the new songs ”Tidal Wave”, "Lucky Charm", and "Red Camaro". He's been putting out updates every week so stay tuned. The latest update is that the new album should be out early 2013 with a tour planned for late that year. Keith is also headlining WEFest in Minnesota with Carrie Underwood!

A few readers have emailed me about purchasing Darren Percival's new cd in mp3 format. Unfortunately unless you live in Australia that is currently impossible. For a reliable vendor, check ( I've purchased from them for over 6 years and they are a great source for Australian music and movies. Darren's cd is fantastic and check out his cover of "Wuthout You" that also includes backing vocals from fellow Voice contestant Mahalia Barnes!

Josh Turner, who helped induct Keith Urban into the Grand Ole Opry was the guest host on last week's Country Countdown with Lon Helton. He spoke quite fondly of Keith and the fact that everyone he talked to pre-ceremony thought that Keith was already an Opry Member.

Nicole is preparing for her next role as Grace Kelly in Grace of Monaco. Paz Vega has joined the cast as opera star Maria Callas. There have been rumors that The Artist's Jean Dujardin is in talks to co-star with Nicole as Prince Rainier but there is no reliable confirmation for the story.

Nicole was quoted in the French magazine Positif. She may be spending a few days filming a small role in Lars Von Trier's The Nymphomaniac with Charlotte Gainsbourg. Gainsbourg was in Von Trier's last film, Melancholia. We really liked that film, but Von Trier has a way of making one film you love, and the next one not appealing at all. Nicole's choice not to do the rest of the films in the planned Dogville trilogy was a wise one. This could be quite an interesting part for her.

There were a few soundbites from Nicole and Clive the day they were nominated the Emmy. These two didn't get around as much as the others but we really like their words about the team effort of the production.

Nicole - "Thank you Academy. I am so happy to share this nomination with Clive [Owen]. It is a true acknowledgment of Martha Gellhorn’s life and amazing work. Discovering and playing her, under the guidance and passion of the great Phil Kaufman, was a joy and a privilege.”

Clive - "I am really thrilled to be nominated for 'Hemingway and Gellhorn.' I had such a great time working with the brilliant Phil Kaufman and the wonderful Nicole Kidman."

And finally, Dierks Bentley gave an interview while he was in Australia earlier this year. He said some really nice things about Keith and Nicole. Not many country sites picked up on the story.

You’re also friends with Keith Urban, right?
Yeah, Keith is a buddy. He lives down the street from me. I go to his place and we talk about kids. We watch them swim in the pool while we talk about guitars and how amazing it is to have a couple of girls.

What would surprise people about him and Nicole Kidman?
They’re great, down-home people. They just cruise about like any normal family. Keith’s super-devoted to his wife and kids – crazy about them. And he really loves music. I’ve seen some commercials for The Voice down here, which looks really neat.


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