October 1, 2012

Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman Updates 10/01/2012

Keith, Sunday, and Faith arrive in Nice, France where Nicole is filming Grace of Monaco .

An excerpt of a Who Magazine interview with Nicole has showed up online. Hopefully the full article will surface.

Q YOU WERE QUITE THE PROUD WIFE BACKSTAGE WHILE KEITH WAS IN THE SPOTLIGHT EARLIER THIS YEAR, RECORDING THE VOICE IN SYDNEY. A. It was beautiful to watch. I felt like everyone got to know the man I love. I think it came across on the show that he's this sort of mellow guy who just goes with the flow. And because of him, that's how our family rolls now too. Q HE WAS NICKNAMED THE HUMAN JUKEBOX, MOUTHING THE WORDS TO EVERY SONG. IS HE LIKE THAT AT HOME? A. There is probably no time in our house that there is not music playing. It's cool, but I have to admit there are times when I need to just get away and meditate because I need silence. He doesn't though. There's jazz and classical, country, rock and alternative. We have everything on. Q. HAS HE MADE MUSIC A LARGER PART OF YOUR LIFE? A. I've always loved music. And using it is one of the ways that I get into emotion for my characters. I sing a little bit, but I gave up piano when I was 10. Keith can play anything by ear. He hears it once and he can play it. His passion for music, that's something I really want my children to have. Q. YOU SEEM VERY AT EASE WITH YOUR LIFE. A. That's Keith. He's made me relax. I have someone with me now who says, "It's OK, we'll grow old together, we'll be OK." It is really lovely to have that in your life. When I found it, it was like, "Wow, we're going to change together-we're on a journey together. Lets go!"

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Anonymous said...

OMG thanks So sweet to see the girls!

And life just keeps rolling on. Good for that whole family!
They know whats important in life and thats always family no matter who you are.

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