October 2, 2012

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Updates 10/02/2012

Keith on Lon Helton's Country Countdown USA is always a treat but this round of interview segments is especially good.

Click HERE to listen to Keith talk about The Voice, buddies Eric Church and Little Big Town, All For The Hall, Dustin Lynch, the next album, what Nicole said about Miranda Lambert's "Fastest Girl in Town", and another cute impression of Sunday!

The local Fox affilliate in Charlotte, NC interviewed Keith at the latest round of Idol auditions. Click HERE to watch the clip.

Highlights from the post-Emmys Paperboy press conference have been published. Click HERE for the full article.

As for Nicole, we told her that “The Paperboy” took her to places she hasn’t gone before and it seemed to be a really brave performance. “Yeah, well, I read the script and I knew Lee’s work from ‘Precious,’” she said. “I just never get asked to do roles like that particularly not as I’ve got further along in my career. I think as you move along, you tend to get cast in the way people see you and that’s a frustration as an actor a lot of times because what you’re looking for are things that are not what you are or what you’ve done. “You’re looking to stretch yourself and work from a place of discomfort and an uncomfortable place rather than a place of comfort. So that’s why I thought I’d love to give this a go and go to a place that’s a lot rawer than I’ve been before. Obviously, the sexuality of it was frightening but at the same time, it’s my job as an actor to commit to the role and not sort of through my own inhibitions run away from that.” Radiant in a L’Wren Scot nude-colored blouse and gray skirt, Nicole talked about being 45 and having two young children with country singer, Keith Urban – Sunday Rose, 4, and Faith Margaret, one year-and-nine month-old. She said, “I feel a bit more tired and I ache a little more sometimes but I have two young children in my forties which is spectacular. To be given that gift at this age, to be raising these little girls at this age is just such a great gift. But at the same time, I don’t have the stamina that I had in my twenties. However, intellectually and emotionally, my whole desire as a human being is to live a well examined life and it’s to go in and think. So that then I can have more compassion, more kindness, more understanding and hopefully, do things in the world that are relevant. “So at this age, I think my understanding of who I am and what I want to do is far much greater than when I was a teenager, in my twenties and my thirties. I can’t wait to see what it’s like in my fifties because there is that wonderful thing that just age and knowledge and the idea of having lived a long life and then being able to contribute in a way.” As for her hubby of six years, Keith, Nicole revealed, “he has got it down now. The first one he was far more awkward with Sunday Rose when in her first year. It was so foreign to him. Now, I can totally have him take care of both of them. I have had to go away for a day or two here and there and he can handle it and that is a wonderful thing to be able to fall back on.”

And more Paperboy updates... the sold-out NYFF event honoring Nicole is tomorrow night. More great reviews for Nicole in the film are coming out.

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Per industry word, The Paperboy will enter in limited release and then go into rolling release which means more screens. It's a polarizing film but Nicole's performance is the centerpiece and will be "the one to watch" once it has screened publicly. The film has gotten more and more praise from private screenings.


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