December 13, 2012

Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman: Golden Globe Nominees

It's been a stellar week, with more nominations coming in today. Keith was nominated with Monty Powell again for Best Song for "For You". Nicole as expected was nominted for Hemingway and Gellhorn but also for Best Supporting Actress in a film for The Paperboy. This nomination is a must if we wanted to see her nominated for an Oscar this year. It's still a long shot but now it's still a possibility. Congrats to everyone, including Clive Owen who was again also nominated!

Keith called his nomination a "huge honor".

"If I’m to be blunt, I wanted a song that was about taking the bullet, and not pulling the trigger. It was more about sacrificing my life for what I believe in, as opposed to taking a life for what I believe in."
Asked if this was the first time he and he wife had both been nominated at the same awards ceremony, Urban said, "It is, evidently. It’s crazy. I’m so, so proud of Nic, too. To get two nominations for separate roles is an extraordinary feat on its own."

Nicole posted on her Facebbook page

"Can't believe it! Thank you to all the actors who nominated me and especially to John Cusack and Zac Efron, who gave me so much. I am in Europe filming Grace Kelly and I was completely taken by surprise. Love & hugs, Nic xx"

And in the country music front - it's just been announced - Keith and Taylor Swift will guest on Tim McGraw's next album. The song is called "Two Lanes of Freedom" and will be released February 5. Exciting!

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skankyoldwhore said...

Congratulations to both of them :). What a way to end the year in terms of their careers :).

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