April 22, 2010

The Real Story Behind Keith Urban
& The 2010 ACM Awards

If you're wondering why CBS kept teasing Keith Urban's performance during the ACM Awards on Sunday night and then Urban kept not appearing on the stage, there's a good reason. Country Aircheck reports that Keith's guitar amp was acting up, which pushed his performance slot time back a couple of times. CBS kept stalling for Urban's sake, to the point of even running extra promos to fill time. Because of this, labelmate Darius Rucker's performance time almost got cut. Fortunately, producers were able to compensate in several other places so that Rucker could get his full allotted singing time.


Also a quick update on The Eagles/Dixie Chicks/Keith Urban tour

The June 15 concert at Nationals Park in Washington DC has been canceled.

In its place, the tour will play Hershey Stadium in Hershey, PA. For more info click HERE.


Anonymous said...

Oh well, Gret/Desperate Housewife will be happy. Now she can fight for those Meet and Greet passes and pimp out her kid again so she can talk to Keith.

Does Sue/Nomorefan ever shut up? I cringe everytime I see her talking to herself and trying to rally her dead troops. Pretty soon she's gonna be eating up by the hate cancer. What a stress to the body.

Stupid OhsoLeery thinks she's fooling everyone. No Cheyenne, Jesse James is nothing like Keith Urban but keep posting. You're stupidity is hysterical.

Hi Stephanie Jared. How's school? By the way, Dan Ellis is married so keep your grossly top heavy self away from him.

SkewerMistress said...

It looks like Urban Myths is taking blog ideas from here and a picture posted on the E! Positive thread.

Desperation brings out complete unoriginality in the skeptics!

Anonymous said...

Desperate .

4 people with 5 different user names telling lies to themselves? LOL

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