April 22, 2010

Urban Myth's Inept Team Maclen: Dumbass 101

maclen: So, orb's "brattish" and "prima donna" behaviour, no doubt learned from kidman, at the ACMs almost bumped rucker's time on the show? Wonder how the ACM commitee NOW feel about that "International" award they gave to the cletus? I'd bet rucker has far more respect and standing with the country crowd than the orb.

Learn a thing or two about Rucker. He is respected but he's not a consecutive EOTY or MVOTY nominee or winner and therefore Urban has the clout to bump him. Chesney, Swift, Paisley, Underwood all would as well. But know this....the story was written with maximum drama in mind and the truth was probably far less a nail-biter. If you think an awards show like the ACM's doesn't have a contingency plan in place for situations like Urban's you are even more of an idiot savant than any of us could predict. Urban was back in his seat in the second hour and it was announced through the grapevine (i.e. the skeptic-dreaded Twitter) he would perform in the final hour. His performance would need to be done before the EOTY award was handed out because that was the point of the show...all present EOTY performers would get to perform. Sorry but Rucker was an afterthought to the whole point of the night. An unfortunate position for Rucker to be in, but the big award is announced and everyone goes home. That's how it should be done. Hopefully the producers have taken note and won't do it again.

maclen: And no doubt that "fan" photographer... the "plant"... is kidman's "on the payroll" pap, who is now only supplying the fansie addicts with their photo ops.

No, that was in fact a professional camera operator. Someone employed with a real job who probably went to communications school and was trained. The entire setup of the two cameras was rehearsed. The reason why you invent and propagate idiotic conspiracy theories is crystal clear. You have nothing else.

maclen: You know, like the on set photos of kidman filming her cameo on the sandler flick...that are NOT found anywhere else on the nets but her fansie site?

What is this, lie 1,467 from you maclen? The photos are online. We said we weren't going to post them. Guess you couldn't find them. Unfortunately for you you'll have to dig deeper than Just Jared. But you should know Kidman has more filming left to do! What you call a cameo was pure speculation from every media source. Leave it to you to say it's fact!

We'd also like to point out the inept tactics of Urban Myths who have proved they read this blog, and took a photo that was posted on the E! Online Positive thread. We know the skeptics read it all!


Skeptics you've been skewered.

It's. Just. Too. Easy.


Anonymous said...

Just too easy and just too stupid.

Do they ever have anything new to talk about? Do they ever have a anything anymore, since they can't steal from NKU & twist it?

I guess they just like to talk about their old news, they already said on E! only dumber ? And do it with 3 or 4 usernames.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like maclen has been searching everywhere for the pictures of Nicole on the set. Funny, I thought maclen HATED Nicole yet he just can't stop looking for pictures of her. Bahahaha! What a loser.

Anonymous said...

Obsessed loser!

They fail to recognize that in themselves ?

Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of Nicole and Keith and, honestly, I don't spend as much time talking about them as the losers do! Some people are just too pathetic!

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